hot pants

At least two people should get this straight away.:DHaven’t laughed this much in ages.:smiley:



Fireplace Paul?

He weren’t Smiling though. :smiley:

F*cking me thats who it was!!!:w00t:.

sos lee decided to stick a lit flame infront of a can of brake cleaner and torch my fookin trousers…:crazy:

he didnt think that i just came from work and still had Jet A1 jet fuel on my trousers and my whole leg went up!!!:blink:

so theres me looking for help dancing around like an idiot and puppys in tears with laughter…git!!!

…good to see you out again pups…just like old times eh mate…:laugh:.

at least sos lee put me out tho…bless his cottons…;).

hot pants smiled:)

Any chance of you doing a replay down the Ace one night shane for those of us who missed it ?

gwaaan yo know ya wanna :D:D:D

My tummy stills hurts with all that laughing, and even a bit of wee came out.:stuck_out_tongue:

Got my hopes up with that tittle then :w00t::hehe:

Maybe we should have a guess who thread and people have gota post pics of them in there hot pants for everyone else to guess who it is :D;)

Funny story though

hahahaha, i was gona post just that…

to be honest shane, i was pissing myself, maybe we should have pissed all over ya? (like some of us did on the ride back) :w00t:

soo wish someone had filmed that, was a youtube classic :smiley:


course you were ya pikie…

terry still pissed all over ya and he was on hin new sh1tter…!!!



Guy you should be in crisis management or something - maybe SO19 - you laugh at everything! :smiley:


i thought i was dragging something along the road, then i looked over my right shoulder, and it was shanes gixxer dropping pieces on the road :w00t:

Cumming from Mista Avatar-Star? :smiley: :hehe:




there was nothing hot about smiled sh**ng himself though :w00t:

They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian. Well,they’re not laughing now.:smiley:

shitter :angry: Like you was anywhere near the front of the pack ya Chav :slight_smile:

this sets the scene …best i could do…

smiled may need some of these little fire trousers…

if any one want to add please do…