Hot but ATGATT?

Me personally i’ll wear whatever i feel like today it was a pair of tims , jeans an tee shirt for a twenty min journey to bow an back way i see it is its my life im not in the army as for anyone having to scrape me up off the road its their job no one forced them into it oh an u carry my donor card all the time .

Hood Jeans… More protection than draggins :wink:

Oh ok, I thought I didn’t see the typical ‘draggin’ stitching. Although I agree with whoever said above that leathers are cooler on hot days

Two caveats there are 1. my bike jeans are pretty tight and 2. I have to wear a base layer under leathers to stop me overheating/sticking to them

Yeah I hate wearing textiles as the polyester lining sticks to skin badly… not nice after a bit… Dunno about the leathers, just remembering how heavy they were when I tried them on, I wouldn’t want to be wearing them today!

Strange how so many of the wheelie poppers in the summer tend to be in shorts & T-shirt:Whistling:. I’ve tried riding without bike gear but just couldn’t get on with it and felt very nervous, not how I want to feel when on the bike. I’m not daft enough to think that having the right gear is going to save me if I hit something solid at speed, but it will minimize the damage if I don’t hit a solid object. TBH I think most people think this way, I’d imagine that the shorts & T-shirt brigade are the people who are the more complacent just by the fact that they don’t feel the need to wear protective gear.
I ride into London every day with full gear and never arrive feeling uncomfortable, it’s only when I get off the bike and start walking that I get hot. As long as you can keep moving you shouldn’t overheat, you lot need to improve your filtering skills;)

You may be hot in your gear as it sticks to your skin but then it’s nice to have skin!!

Serrisan, you can’t go “all the gear all the time” for 1 ride, and then jeans and t shirt a different time! That would be “all the gear, some of the time”!!!

I have been riding since march and done 12,000 miles. Haven’t been on a moving bike without full leathers(or textiles)/helmet/boots/jacket. I promised myself I wouldn’t get complacent and always do it (i don’t commute all that much so is easier for me plus I have a car so don’t ‘nip to the shops’)

Woops… got a bit carried away with my acronyms… :smiley:

The times when I don’t wear a jacket+gloves are only when I pop to the local supermarket 3 mins away… and yes I am that lazy to walk!

I wear ATGATT; it might be it a pair of dragging jeans on a short ride but I don’t ride without protective gear, it’s just not worth it :slight_smile:

A friend of mine in college had an accident on a motorbike, she was pillion and her bf was riding; he wasn’t riding like an idiot or fast and they were only going from his to hers (a couple of miles) but someone pulled out in front of him, he lost control of the bike trying to avoid the car and they both came off; my friend was wearing a summery outfit: shorts, t-shirt, little trainers… she was 16, no broken bones but she’s covered in scars and never wears anything that shows skin; even her hands are scarred :unsure:

Always! It’s what the last 3 letters are for, innit :smiley:

I’ve got too many scars from “It’s such a short journey, I shan’t bother” already.

Oh FFS - when is this quoting mess going to be fixed !? :frowning:

I now ride ATGATT now. Sunday was the hotest I’ve ever been riding, so hot indeed in used the free water at the petrol station in Ongar to pour into my boots and around neck area! Was great idea. Got to Finchingfeild with reasonably dry feet but cool! took boots off to air and fully dry out and feet were aired too…Shame Pestie wasnt around to see!

What I dont understand…whats the point of draggin jeans?

Ok you are hit off bike/fall off/knocked off/high side/lowside and your sliding down the road. I can see where the draggin jeans stop the skin from being worn away…but what about the impact when you are intially knocked off the bike? Even at 15mph im sure you will break your leg, snap an ankle or two and be rendered useless - but with skin! Dont get it :crazy:

the kevlar stops your skin coming off you as already said, my friend got knocked off twice at 30mph+ in draggin jeans. Had various injuries (including kidney damage!) but no broken bones and no skin problems.

Don’t see that hip armour is going to to much if you hit a brick wall…but obviously yes full leathers is better than draggins…although which you’d wear to ride to a mate’s house or a meal in a restaurant etc I dunno, I might go for the draggins then