Hot but ATGATT?

Seems like I’m the only biker mad enough to ATGATT in this weather? Seen plenty of people in vests, one even with no top on.

Anyone else rocking ATGATT?

Yeah, me. And I wear cotton leggings under my trousers because the waterproof lining feels awful against my skin. Wish I had kevlar jeans right now.

A lot of organ donors out there today.

But I’m off the bike now, into a dress and off to a BBQ. :smiley:

when i ride in the heat, i find my leathers are actually COOLER than when i wear just jeans…

I’m still in jacket, kevlar jeans and boots! Would boil in my HG trousers and without the air vents on my jacket tho!

Cotton legging… f… that must be awfully hot. Enjou BBQ!


All the gear all the time :slight_smile:


ya, I do it, no matter if 28C or not

I don’t go ATGATT… to be honest I’d rather be comfortable on the bike than sweating all the time and concentrating on that rather than the road… I’m quite absent minded as it is anyway!

I mean don’t get me wrong, if I go for a ride I will go ATGATT but if I was to jump on the bike to go and meet someone nope… unless they lived like 40 miles away!

I got sweaty bollox :sick::w00t:

This ^^^ But I do always wear a proper jacket and gloves .

ride without gear at your own risk.
might as well ride naked (quoted by paramedics peeling your skin off tarmac) :smiley:


I try to stay as best protected as possible. Right now that means my air frame jacket and kevlar jeans. The rest is common sense.
Though you will always need to be comfortable on a bike.

True to a point, but having all the gear just breeds complacency, those who dress like captain invincible often think they are, point of fact before seatbelt laws where introduced to the uk very few accidents occured but the majority where fatal or near so, after the seat belt law came in accidents went up 10 fold but fatalities dropped, same applies in the USA in the states where it is not compulsory to wear a helmet on a motorbike, ergo just because you feel safer and you have been told you are safer does neither a better rider make or the fact that at 50mph your head going through the on coming car will kill you regardless of what you are wearing!!

Just to add though long distance with the intention of speed full leathers, short distance ness jacket, weather like this going to tesco tshirt and lid and a hell of a lot of concentration and common sense.

I`m thinking sarong and a floral head-dress for the ride to Sunny Hunny in the morning.:crazy:

have you still got your mankini? why dont you wear that?:stuck_out_tongue:

No, I think you must be mistaking me for Ginger.

Easy mistake, hes a fat young ginger bloke with a prediliction for Borat style lime green mankinis, Im a svelte, sexy, tall, older man who normally keeps his clothes on during rideouts.:smiley:

yup, really need to get me a non-winter jacket though :pinch:

Wear leather trousers as I find jeans, kevlar or regular mean I get very hot from engine heat. Air jacket and gloves with CE in right places - not as good as leather but a fair compromise and better than t-shirt and that special skin cream I can’t find in boots !:smiley:

depends on the road and the journey, but minimum cover is kevlar jeans, gloves, boots, helmet and reinforced leather jacket…

I’m way too handsome to risk damaging!

Were they draggin jeans you were rocking today then?