Hot Bike Bits Ltd - You've been warned!

:exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: Hot Bike Bits Ltd. :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

The company does not advertise any telephone contact numbers and ‘they’ didn’t reply to any of my emails i sent, complete silence even after I raised a complaint through PayPal.

The order status on their website is not up to date, so I cannot track the status of the delivery - even now it still shows ‘on order’.

I placed my order on Feb 21, 2008 and I only got it today :exclamationmark:

They took ages to send the products and i ended up raising a PayPal dispute to get it sorted.

Customer Service: zero, nothing, zilch, nada!

I placed an order with them on 22 March, still nothing. I went through ebay. They ain’t replied to any of my emails. I was giving them a month until I open a dispute as they did mention it could take some time when ordering from Germany.

Their feedback has got worse since I placed the order, I they had the **** feedback then I wouldn’t have bothered.


just in case you need to contact Hot Bike Bits this is it

Hot Bike Bits appears to be owned and run by Chris Wilson of


3 St George’s House
Vernon Gate


Thanks, I got the refund yesterday.

The irony is that yesterday i received an email from Hotbikebits (actually from [email protected]) with this subject line:
Hotbikebits survey

the content of the message reads:

"Dear Customer

We are thinking about how we can improve to
make it even better for you, our visitors.

We are always looking to improve our website and make it easier
for you to find what you are looking for.

We would greatly apreciate a couple of minutes of your time to
complete our site survey. We are looking for opinions on our items,
feedback on the site in general and what you think we are doing
well - as well as suggestions for where we could make improvements.

Every completed survey will recieve a free tank protector and
will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 worth of products
of your choice from the hotbikebits website!

Follow the link below to fill out the survey"

I have told them how i feel, let’s see if they send me the ‘free’ tank protector …

Also do you think i have a chance of winning the £100 worth of products?!?! :smooooth:

…any ideas what i should buy for my GSR!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

glad to hear that mate :slight_smile:

I got some indicators in the post from him today, weird considering he gave me a refund and I wanted brake/tail lights.

you know you have to return them and pay for the p&p yourself right?!?

yeah! i received my free tank protector! :smiley:


I would just like everyone to know that has been taken over by new management. There is now a free phone number on the site for all enquiries and you can even place orders.

All enquiries / orders via this site will receive half price postage on all phone orders. (Please quote reference Londonbikers)

Hotbikebits is constantly updating it’s products and services and has recently added Schuberth helmets to the site.

If there is anything we don’t sell that you think we should please let us know.