under the avatar we have ‘supreme being’ etc…

as new hosts shouldn’t we have …‘HOST’ ??

just a thought

The whiole subject as to how you will be identified and under what time table should this all be implemented is curretnly being resolved. You will hear shortly, watch this space…

ooh how exciting, having a title?! hehe

The pwers gone to tehir heads already.

So…nto only do we have those evil ( ) Mods lording it voer us, now we’ve got another level group of power mad fools!

When all the titles have been handed out, can I NOT have one please…then I’ll be unique and happy whilst oyu lot fight for scraps of power, repsonsiblity and public kudos?

The force is strong in this one


I like that. Perfect…

Watch it numpty, I know a few of the ole bill round these parts…
If you really want me to be reporting you for terible taste and defecating in slipppers, you crack right on…otherwise pal, I suggest a damm quick conversion to the way of the Jedi and some heavy respect for the 4-stroke, or you could find yourself strugglin in a sea a Jawas…I tell ya,

Blimey !! enough already…im lost!