Hosting Move Tonight

If all goes well and I can get the prep-work done in a reasonable time, then we’ll be moving the site to our new hosting platform tonight. This means the site will go down whilst I switch it over, and then some people may have to wait for their ISP’s systems to update before being able to load the new site.

So please, don’t panic :slight_smile:

Just as well, the current servers at four years old are faling apart. Another HD blew up today.

I’ve never seen a Harley rev hard enough to blow up;):smiley:

Good luck with the operation Jay:cool:

Good luck with it.

Bit off topic. Have you looked at Amazon’s EC2 platform? I’m just moving all my stuff on there, and I must say, so far, it rocks!

Yes Driesie, we’re using it for an upcoming project, as well as Microsoft’s competing Azure services platform. We already use Amazong S3 for We loves the clouds.

Good luck with it…If you’re moving the site to the same host you recommended to me, I must say they offer a good service.

Is this the reason that the forums are looking very strange on my computer at the moment?