Hospitality @ Matter

Massive drum and bass new years party, will be amazing. For those who havent been to matter yet, its possibly the best club in the world.

How did I miss this?
I prefer house parties for NYE anyways, but if I were going out, it would have been this. How was it?

Hrm, I missed this as well. I’m interested in the next one on the 8th. Might have to corral some east-end massive.

is it much better than fabric? love the hospitality nights there

much better than fabric, much better than the old hospital nights at heaven!

the whole club has been specifically built as a club rather than an old converted building so you can always walk around, get up and down stairs etc

so many bars which never have ques more than 1 or 2 people deep

has a bridge or skywalk across the mainroom in the roof space so you can look down on the crowd and DJ’s etc

the main room has a vibrating dance floor which realllllly adds to the bass bit of drum and bass, its bigger and better than the one at fabric!

the install is amazing, sounds top notch and its zoned around the building so you dont get echos and random delays in the toilets etc


sounds like i need to go then!

Damn, sounds so dope.

really is a awesome club!

have a read of this if you’re interested in club installs etc -

i work as a sound/light/club tech as my part time motorbike money job, im also a bit of a geek when it comes to things like that :stuck_out_tongue:

you going?

i havent been to a DnB night in ages…heard RAM is now held there too?

Junglist from day one!:D:D

yeah i saw that too!

was good at The End:cool: those were the days!

dont talk to me about the end, what a sad time we live in :crying:

yup…and movement at Rumba…Bagleys…Herbal…loads are gone…i wanan go back to the world dance days!:cool:

Ban Fishing. :slight_smile:

shut up:D

ban owning more than 3 bikes!:w00t::smiley:

All junglist lllllliiiiisten :smiley:

Yes, this club sounds like the one to replace the legendary The End.

I’ve always hated Fabric with a passion because of it’s vibelessness and blatant ‘I don’t care or even know anything about the music’ clientèle.

Will see about this one.

when it first opened Fabric was wicked…its alright, a mate plays there reguarly.

up for goign to Matter at some point, i never forget rocking up at [email protected] End with soem well known DnB people at 3AM one night, supposed to be closed! got in for free and had 3 hours of some of the best raving ever…GREAT NIGHT!

Good times man:cool:

Video one: 1:16

Now that’s what I’m talking about :cool:

makes ya tingle dunnit!:smiley: vibes man vibes;):cool:

Mr C is the king of double drops!