Hosepipe on exhaust?

No, not looking for suggested suicide methods before anyone asks. :stuck_out_tongue:

A while back I was looking at a KTM supermoto with my brother & was surprised to see a section of garden hose melted around the can (close to the end). At the time I just thought what the hell?!?! However I saw an advert for a KTM 'moto the other day that looked like it had a black plastic ring or piece of hosepipe around the end of the can. Is this some kind of common supermoto mod to protect the can in a spill? It looked 5hit, so I wondered if it was the poor man’s alternative to an R&G exhaust protector plate. :cool:

Yep and it works in know lol back flip’d the 660 at cadwell mountain and low side at lydden hill and spill on a roundabout, saved it every time :smiley:

It shouldn’t be a garden hose pipe :stuck_out_tongue:

It is usually a coolant pipe (something that can withstand high temp)

I have a black one on mine, all you need is a jubliee clip slide the tube over it and tighten around exhaust, cheap and effective!

This was definitely garden hose… complete with the little strengthening threads running through it. And it was melted on solid - no removing it without making a mess of the can.

It was a tidy looking bike otherwise and I would have been tempted, but silly little things like this put me off a bike. Gets me wondering what else has been bodged by some ham-fisted amateur :Whistling: