Hornet or Bandit?... advice...

I am in the rather lucky position of having a small windfall…

now… for around the £3000 - £4000 mark I would like a newer bike.

I’m comparing the Hornet and the Bandit… The question is… I’m 6ft 3 with a 34inch inside leg so get a little squashed on some bikes… which would be better as an all weather, all rounder. (some m’way work done)

I could go larger but… smaller and lighter has to be better round London?

any help…

well there are also the fazers, 600 and thou, fantastic bikes, ive had 3! the hornets always get a good writeup as do the bandits, i think the hornets tend to last a bit longer…

The insurance on a Fazer thou puts me off a bit…

I don’t mind cleaning naked stuff… but something a bit hardy when it gets wet… I like the sound of the faired Hornet tho…

or get something like the z750 s which seem very good.:slight_smile:

decisions… I want one of each!!!

Time to go around the bike shops again… oh the hardship…

I had a Triumph Tiger at the top of my list but… hmmm can’t quite put my finger on it… I prefer the naked bike look.

Get a gixxer or vfr for more smiles per miles. :slight_smile:

Take a look at the XJR1300, great bike for the bigger bloke. Or even the GSX 1400. Loads of room and power.

Busa :smiley: But I’m biased :wink:

Get a blade! :smiley:

z 1000 :slight_smile:

they are both good bikes. Go with whatever you think makes your c0ck look bigger

What he said

and if Bandit don’t bother 600/650, get bigger

I have owned both original models of the Bandit and Hornet (6’s)

The Bandit has a longer wheelbase and weighs far more than the hornet, it also carries that weight pretty high up, but handles very well on the move.

The Hornet is more compact and noticeably lighter than the bandit. It also feels more torquey, the bandit makes all of its power as you pass 7k revs, whereas the hornet has a more linear power delivery, Both are very good do anything bikes,

I did 3500 miles round france and spain on the Bandit, and it never broke down, sometimes ran rough, but the bike will keep on going if you look after it, and it was lovely in the twisties and sweepers.

The Hornet will hopefully have this legendary Honda reliablity, it seems pretty solid (Touch-wood). I think it is slightly faster than the bandit (very slightly) but the Bandit feels faster when giving it the beans…

Bandits are slightly cheaper, Hornets are likely built slightly better, your choice.

Oh and you will be wanting Bridgestone BT-021’s, great rubber…

Shut up you! What’s wrong with 600! :stuck_out_tongue:

a 600 might be ok if you want a BMX! :smiley:

Now iv’e been looking at the Kawasaki er-6f

i’m spoilt for choice… still worried because i’m 6ft 3 tho…

I’ve had a Bandit for 4 years and love it for town, cheap to run and easy to service yourself. No good for your

fast rideout thou, the Hornet is the better all rounder, saw one hit 140 today…if thats what you want :slight_smile:

my bandit 600 will show 140 on the clock…old style version before the 650 with half fairing…buzzy though for anything much above 70-80 mph…I like it for everything else…and it can be hustled if you really want but the soft suspension will show up sooner or later…still a lovely comfortable ride under most conditions…I am 15 stone and it handles my weight…I did 1500 miles to the milau bridge two up with my son who is about 10 stone and it was fine…

Maybe the Z750 then? inbetween the 600 and the thou, so easing any insurance worries about a bigger bike, and a little bit more room for your frame?

Although I am sure you like the naked look, surely and all-weather bike needs a fairing?

Are you only considering naked bikes?