Hornet 2008 with engine ticking noise

Since I’ve started using the bike over the last couple of weeks the bike seems to have a slight ticking noise just audible over the sound of the exhaust.
Bike seems to ride fine but it’s beginning to annoy me because its slight but there is no reason to be there on such a new bike.
It’s been standing 3 months or so, I used the same 97 petrol that was already in there but filled it every day the first week to refresh it as the tank went down to ensure the petrol was as fresh as possible. Haven’t changed the oil yet but the oil level is fine. It’s due it’s second service in about 850 miles.

I don’t know whether I should leave the bike in the garage and book a service or am I being paranoid.

Info welcome.


could it be a loose bolt?

Probably paranoia :wink: - unless the engine suddenly starts sounding very different your probably just picking up on a specific and normal sound coming from the valve train and imagining it’s something suspect.

To put your mind at rest take it to a Honda shop and ask the mechanic to have a listen - they should be able to tell you if anything sounds out of the ordinary.

Different bikes make different noises - some of which sound suspect but are just a charachteristic of that particular model - e.g. my old Hornet makes a grinding noise when in neutral and on tickover - when the bike first came out loads of people thought it was an issue and went to their dealers but it’s normal.

Same with the Yamaha thunderace - it sounds like a bag of bolts on tickover - again loads of people used to go their dealers worried the engine was about to lunch itself - but it’s just how they sound.

Yep I hear what you’re saying, but with the engine running in neutral I could hear the fan kick in, now I only know it’s running by putting my hand near it to feel the air.
I reckon it’s got a problem,which is difficult to believe as I don’t push it hard at all.

I was adjusting the clutch reach the other day and I’ve got it just how I want it but is it possible the clutch could be making the noise?


If you feel that way take it to a decent Honda shop and get the mechanic to have a listen. Someone trained to work on your specific model like a Honda mech should be able to tell if it’s not sounding right.