Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers Meeting 3-6 July

Anyone from here going? http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/meetings/UK2008.php

I’ll be leaving either after work tomorrow or early Friday to get a decent camping spot. Feel free to PM me and we’ll ride up together.

Just got a new, party sized dome tent too WooHoo! :w00t: (You can’t do anything privately in a one-man bivi tent… :Whistling: )

Over 500 people attended, with the pub as then central hub for socialising and presentations. Went to talks on changing over tyres in the desert, waypoints in Iceland, tips on riding to Morocco, how not to fall out with your significant other, and an introduction to motorbike-specific photography techniques (ignored below lol)

If anyone’s interested in doing long trips, I can’t recommend this meeting enough.

There’s another in August, and then again next year.

You were camped right next to us!! We were in the big maroon tent next to the road.

We also did the relationship and Moroccan (very good!) talks, and also Hamish and Emma’s talk (we met them in Assen last weekend) and the one about getting a story/book published.

Excellent weekend despite the crappy weather.