hope you're doing okay Tug

got told you came off,sorry to hear that,hope you’re on the mend ok.maybe an article on reaction times for elderly riders is in order.missed you at frith mate,get well soon

many thanks mate…im ok getting better/still sore.hope to be back on loan bike next week.and reaction t i m e i s zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry wat did you say again

I dont think he is ok…he keeps being nice to me & agreeing with me

Bring back me old mate Tug

Think he’s milking the sore bit though, was told he was ok wednesday night @ Bingo

i think it was that bang to the head terry!! hes had a personality bling!!!

or maybe hes worried that your going to go near his sore bum!!!xxxxxxx

maybe hes hoping he’s gonna go near his bum - or is that why its sore??

Are we now saying that Terry and Tug are an item.

no i dont…and did you win at bingo wensday night

now… saying!

Haven’t they always been an item?

I found this picture taken when they both had hair…

ok twinkle toes, your the one who prances about the place,in a dress

wats wrong with that,you know terrys always been me bitch

This is what Tug has as his towel in the bathroom.

Your BiAtch ??? dont fink so, Your the receiver aint ya

Tug and Terry playing man games when they were a lot younger.

that was yesterday

So you are telling me that since yesterday you`ve put on 18st.


its all that chocolate body cream that hes licking of terry its gone to his waist line!!!

oooo wouldnt take that tug!!!

Your Jealous mate, anyways is that why they call you Tug? Coz ur a ‘puller’ not a ‘pusher’