Hoon getting rid of speed cameras!!

Average speed cameras will be good for us as we dont have any number plates in the front.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


I would imagine that is ave speed cameras were used instead of fixed point, then they would probably be adapted to be able to catch bikes as well.

id guess so as well,

all itd take will be to turn them around :wink:

The average speed cameras set up on the roadworks on the way into London (after M3) are already configured to record front AND rear number plates.

Just imagine what it’s going to mean if/when they set up average speed cameras on the motorway - e.g. say you’ve been working late that night/early morning and want to get home fast down the motorway - instead of being able to go at a speed that suits the conditions (e.g. a completely clear motorway apart from the odd truck) - you will have to sit there at 70 m.p.h. for the whole journey - observing a speed limit that was imposed in 1965 - when the average car was a morris minor or ford anglia equipped with drum brakes!

yep. i have 3 points from average speed cameras that they used on the M20 over 2 years ago.

i was on the bike…

Free country??? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

time to get my bicycle out, stick an ACME rocket at the back and see if the cameras get me 3 points:):):slight_smile:

the new area based devices are all interlinked…So if you drive into and area and out of it faster than the cameras think you should your in trouble…they have been trialled already and are on their way…what really gets my goat is that we all know that it isnt speed that causes the accidents and yet they do nothing about training people or improving driving skills jut ever more devious methods to catch people going above posted speed limits which are not directly related to acidents.

I do believe the inventors of ths systems have a lot to answer for as it is them driving (get the pun) the effort to have them installed as they cost a fortune and the companies make a sizeable profit once councils buy into it…

Boring Cameras

Its gonna be no good having anything over 50cc soon

If this trend carries on I’m seriously thinking of moving out to somewhere like rural Spain where I can enjoy my bikes - and just come back to London to work.