I bought a two piece set of leathers at week end and wore them for first time out on bike. The change in riding style and attitude was incredible, It was like some one flicked a switch changing my riding style from reasonlably cautious to “oi you, yep you in the cage get outta me way”.

The leathers are not the best make but they fit and at my size thats a bonus, lots of swimming and weight lifting when younger have made me barrel chested*.

They are armoured and I need to start gettin me knees down. Any one else find new confidence or a change in attitude from new kit ?

  • for Barrel chested see fat in dictionary.

Oh yes. I nearly de-virginised my knee sliders yesterday on my way to the gym to de-barrel chest miself… or is that barrel chest?

hey guys I am also “cough cough” barrel chested and thought I would have to hit the gym before I would be allowed to hit a track day (need to wear a full leather suit 1 or 2 piece) but I recently came across this site: http://www.gimoto.co.uk, suits made to measure, so no need to go gym now! can spend the time riding! Although in leathers i might look like a sea lion riding a bike…

You would only look like a sea lion on a bike if you balanced helmet on your nose rather then wore it on your head and rode no handed clapping!


brilliant, rofl.

i was exactly the same when i broght my two piece leathers (decided not to go for one piece as too many people complain it takes ages to get everything out when going to the toilet) and since, i have got my knee down, practising wheelies, and generally riding much better!

Obviously it was your evil twin brother that did a burn out behind my Boss on his Duc the other day?

reasonably cautious - my a@se. hehehehehehehe

LF xx

I dont ride with out my leathers…

Coz if i havent got um on i get mugged but push bikes im going so slo…!!

Just push them limits bit by bit ay dan

get a hooligan bike to go with it and your in big trouble!!!

i do no hooligan activity of any kind - ever promise

haha Dan, you got me, how did you know how I ride? you forgot to mention catching fish at traffic lights…

I ride like a hooligan, ah well, no shame in it, its what bikes are made for, if i wanted to ride civilised i would ride a BMW C1