Hood/Draggin Jeans? Would you feel safe?

I tested the Draggin’ Jeans last night on my way home. I want more armour, and a tighter fit around the knee, so the knee pad won’t bruise my knees. James, any textiles in stock in my size? That would be very short-arsed with child bearing hips and a spare tyre (or two)…

EEK!! sorry to hear this but the review was useful

Did tarmac touch skin tho?

No, nor were the jeans ripped. The big minus is that there is no protection (apart from the Kevlar) at the hips. Luckily my knee and elbow took the biggest hit.

Ouch … hope you’re okay Paivi!

Its ok cos Adrenalin-X do a good range of hip and arse protection and I even think there could be a small discount for being a member of this site

Only my pride was hurt… The bloody bike didn’t start just now when the mechanic came over to take it out for a spin (although it did this morning), so they’ve taken the battery out to charge it overnight and will try again tomorrow. Oh, well, cabs are quite comfortable…

Yep LMRR, there’s a 15% LB members discount at Arenalin-X:

Just looked and they don’t have the shorts on the site

No doubt i’ll be down there again soon anyway

Paivi - hope you OK - its crap when you come off - hows the scoot?

Have had crashes in both leather and draggin jeans and both did OK The draggin jeans inset knee protectors are fiddly to get right and I agree with Paivi - you need some protection on the side of the hip - even for us girls

Anyway I would try to sort the leathers before selling the bike unless you really want a lower cc If you want a narrower bike try the 675 Triumph

I normally wear Draggin Jeans with separate Dainese hip protection underneath. Pretty comfortable and has coxix(sp?) protection too. I also have some Dainese knee guards which i wear on the supermoto but i am yet to try them on the Gixxer as i think they will affect my riding by being in the way of my knees.

I was thinking about getting a pair of the combat / cargo style from Draggin’ Jeans for the summer - anyone had any experience of them?

I wear dragging jeans in the summer for commuting, I also have a new pair of leather jeans and new boots and TBH the 1st time I went out I came home after 20 mins thought I was gonna drop it everytime I stopped. Now wear the jeans on their own which are just starting to give but are still very restrictive. There is a place which changes the tie bars on the bottom of the shock to reduce ride height, had it done on my C1 due to being a short arse. Let me know if you are interested and Iwill see if I can find the place for you

That was I was like last time I went out on it with leathers. I think I’ll just look at getting the Draggin combat trousers or jeans but thanks for the offer.