Honour amongst thieves...

you cant make these things up!

Dude comes in and park “his” car in front of a Pharmacy and robs the place… while he’s robbing the Pharmacy someone comes in and rob “his” car. He goes outside to the getaway vehicle to find out it was stolen. As he stands there, perplexed with the situation, someone comes in and robs the bag full of money that the dude just stole from the pharmacy.

Wait… there’s more:

He then goes to a local police precinct, pissed off, to complain about the stolen vehicle and is recognized by the pharmacy owner and then is arrested on the scene. TV comes in and interviews the robber and the dialogue is the following:

Robber: “yes sir. it’s so violent now that we can’t even lead our dishonest lives anymore, you dig? They stole my brand new car!”

Journalist: “So… tell me something. You had just bought the car?”

R: “Bought? I didn’t buy ****, I had just stolen it yesterday. Car wasn’t even a day with me… brand new man. You see how is now? These fuckers won’t even let me enjoy the stuff we get without working hard. You dig? That ain’t nice!”

J: “But hold on a second, if the car wasn’t yours why are you complaining or trying to report it?”

R: “I’m complaining about being robbed while I was robbing… that’s a disrespect sir. Huh”

J: “So, was the money also yours?”

R: “How it wasn’t mine? Of course it was mine! I stole it it’s mine. Huh… it’s the reward of my lack of employment.”


Before I watched it I read the transcript and thought, yeah - that can’t be what he said. Then I watched it. It IS what he said. Oh. My. God.