Honky_tonk_man greets

Hi Everybody

Introducing myself to the lot of ye! Be kind and gentle.

Will prolly see you all at the St Georges ride out on the 23rd. Maybe even sooner!!!

—> Please place drinks order here: www.getupandgetityourself.co.uk

Morning Honky Tonk - Welcome to the fam! Mines a Grolsch mate… We’re scoping a new haunt on Wednesday if you are knocking about!

Hi HTM…Welcome mate.

Hi there HTM and welcome…

Hey HTM, welcome to the gang!

Ello Honky Tonk, welcome to LB

Hello and Welcome Honky Tonk Man

Greetings from London

Hello mate!

Hello and welcome to the forum mate, pull up a chair and join in.

Welcome to LB Honky Tonk Man! I’m a Honky Tonk Woman… See you on Wednesday!

Weaver well the arse gets laid down here at the so called Norf London

Paivi - Good to see someone else also has spunk! You go girl…

Might have to look into this Wednesday meet. Sounds like a hoot

Wheather permitting off course and I must confess. I am rather a quiet chap when it comes to new crowds

And hi everyone.

Thanx for the worm welcome (can’t say that for the weather yet, but where hoping)!!!

Hello Honky, welcome to LB!

Welcome to LB mate! See if you can make it to one of our meetings?

Looks like I got off easy with the drinks orders!

Pay no heed to their worms!! lol



Hopefully its dry and god willing will see you tomorrow night.


Hi and Welcome Mate. Not that easy Man i’ll have a double rum and coke to make up for your lack of drinks order haha


Welcome to the Nutty LB’s. They seem like a good crowd!

Make mine a double V & C.