Honey crisis

We have a jar with honey and honycomb in it. What can we use the honeycomb for after the honey is used up? (Is it any good as chain lube?)

Add double cream to it and eat it on toast. Or throw it at someone’s face. Both good options.

Put it in a box and entice bees in to make even more honey for you :wink:
… Well it could work…

You could Goggle “honeycomb” and discover a whole new world of Apiary.

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You should invite Powerpuffgirl and her partner Mark round and give them the honeycomb:cool:

Judging by their antics at the Xmas Bash with the cream, you’d be in for much hilarity and sticky fun;):D:D:D

  • Use each cell as a holder for a tiny allen key.

  • Play Blockbusters.

  • Break it apart and convert it into miniature lampshades.

  • Throw it at someone’s face.