Honestly can't believe what i just saw (2pm)

On my way into work this afternoon and was rather in a hurry as i was running late becuase i had to turn back and get my wallet which i had left on the side…

Anyway firstly i get held up in Brixton as there looked to be a huge spillage of some kind and the Police were out in force and putting sand all over the road Confused

anyway get past all that and am coming up towards Borough High Street (SE1), get to a set of lights which have been RED for a while and i filter alongside the traffic to get to the front as i get to the front a Mercedes Vito van comes past on the wrong side of the road and straight through the red light we are sitting at… Shocked

he then sit stuck in traffic behind a bus

we get up to the lights by the south side of London Bridge and he does it again opposite side of the road around the outside of the central bollards Shocked then darts inbetween the bus at the front of the queue and in between another one coming from the right. straight through both sets of Red lights…

didnt have time to get his number plate… Mad

so i go at the green light and he’s sitting in traffic on London bridge where it narrows into 1 bus lane and i normal lane… i go past on his LH side and look in through his passenger window flip up my visor and look at him trying to get a description together because by this time ive made my mind up that im going to call the ‘police’ as soon as i get into work Mad

I pull away after feeling happy thgat i can describe him to the police… i get in the RH (normal lane and start to filter past some of the cars, and with that from the left hand bus lane he goes flying past, cuts back across the 3 lanes (where it widens again) straight through another red light and heads off right into the city… this time i get his plate and quicky jot it down on a text message whilst im sitting there at the lights…

as i’m coming up to work i filter past a City Police car and give him a quick tap on the window and explained the situation and how did i go about my next step… anyhow he asks if i got the reg plate, colour of the van etc and which way he went…

gave him the plate number he said ‘thank you’, blue lights went on and off he went ‘u’ turned in the road and was off on the chase…

I get into work and check the plate on the RAC website… yup you guessed it… number plate not listed… Mad

I now wish when i went past him on London Bridge that i had have got off the bike and smashed the f***ing wanker up, he probably one of these scum of the earth bike theifs… Mad

Sitting here fuming at work now… and wish i would have done something more about it… Confused

Anyway peeps watch out for a mid 30’s, white guy, weraing sunglasses
driving like a COONT in a Silver Mercedes Vito van Reg Num LY52 XVZ

u did what u could the cops will be looking out for it as well .u dont know what he might have been carrying in the van with him . well done anyway

blimey mate…you did the right thing…glad the copper actully took of after him…nice one…

as for vans now…i always try to have a peep in the rear window’s when sat behind them on my way to work as you never know whats in the back of the said van…

good effort again mate…


Well done you !!! What a complete asshole…i hope they get him, but then, he’ll be let out again in few days…(what justice system?)

Anyway, good for you and yeh, i agree, shame you didnt haul him out and kick his ass !!!

Nice one - you did all you could (and should have) done so rest easy, o vengeful warrior. Put down thine sword of justice and spread your cape of righteousness on the ground.

you’ll prob get done for using your phone whilst you’re on your bike mate

You did as much as you could do mate. especially since you late for work .How many other people prolly saw him and done nothing. Fair play to ya boi.

Andrew, you have been spending too much time with Toby!!Lol