Honest fella ... lucky too


A good post IMO

No blood or gore, just honest straight talk and facts :cool:

Sobering words:pinch:

I do wonder sometimes if the HA or councils have any thought about bikers when they plant street furniture. The A1 just around the M25 junction has a solid concrete barrier bwteeen lanes which would be great to hit (if you’ve got to hit something :w00t: ) , hopefully just slide along it but lamp posts and posts are going to rip something off :pinch: :crying:

There is a big campaign about precisely that. I don’t know what its called though, but bearing in mind how hard it sis to get road condition and pre-existing problems sorted out, imagine how hard its gonna be to persuade councils to uproot about 80% of the street furniture which is biker-risk and replace it with safe stuff. The first 20 years of that campaign are going to involve lots of conservative old councillors just saying things like, “well they shouldn’t drive so quickly should they…” cynical yes, but also realistic. The kid only hit the damm furniture cos, in his won words, “he was going too fast”… which is one often cited reason people end up hitting street furniture.

MCN covered this at one point and there is bike friendly furniture but you don’t tend to see it.

Not sure what happened to the campaign :ermm:

very interesting and good on him for getting the message out there
certainly backs up campaigns against dodgy street furniture as well

I think councils are taking this on board more these days as new roads do seem to have more flimsy bollards and stuff planted. I expect quite a bit of the old solid stuff will be replaced as and when.

I do cringe when drive/ride along stretches of motorway that have the old steel (cheesewire) cables on the central reservation. Hit that stuff and its game over for a biker.

Exactly, half the A23 to Brighton is that stuff, scares the ruddy lubricant out of me…

But then if you’re goin to Brighton its mega country roads ALL the way!!!

lucky boy, he survived.

very honest lad, must ve difficult to talk about something like that, A127 aswell, ride that road alot…

Whoever decided to waste taxpayers money installing those bollards there is a twat - yes, the lad was in the wrong because he was going too fast and lost control - (there but for the grace of God go I etc) and thankfully no one was walking on the pavement (the bollards wouldn’t have protected a pedestrian from bits of flying motorcycle - perhaps a motorcyclist friendly crash barrier would have) - but he shouldn’t have had to negotiate a bloody great steel pole sticking out of the ground - totally pointless - do councils spend the money on this pointless road furniture just to meet expenditure targets and justify next years budget?