Honda's new ad campaign

Now I think this is very clever - they’re also handing out Oyster card holders with this info on them at dealerships and outside tube stations.


Brilliant that. Very clever indeed and so true! Just don’t let them park near me if they are scooters!!!

Unfortunately their website doesn’t seem to support this campaign. Went to the URL noted on the poster and there’s no mention of anything for £99, how to obtain a trendy new Oyster card holder or indeed anything to do with this promotion…

Yes not great - may have something to do with the fact they are recruiting a new online manager as we speak…

The Oyster card holder I have here says…

A Honda PS 125i scooter will save the average commuter £20 a week - that’s £1000 a year. In a couple of years your scooter could have paid for itself. It costs just £5 to fill the tank and a mere £15 to get road tax for a year. And parking your scooter is free. But that’s not all the good news. You can drive away a Honda PS 125i today for just £90 with three years to pay and interest at a low 3.9%. Of course there are some conditions* and one of them is the deal ends on 31 July 2006. Seize the moment. Live your dream.

*For full details of this life changing offer call 0845 200 8000 or go to

So actually maybe it’s not as new as I thought! Looks like it’s not on the site because the promotion is over :frowning: