Hondas 2010 CBF1000

as a previous CBF owner i must say that this is…ugly :ermm:

what is up with that face transplant? where is the dual exhausts? those front indies look like crap kawa knockoffs…

anyway here is specs and more info:

2010 Honda CBF1000: Specs
Engine: Liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, DOHC, 998cc inline-four
Power: [email protected],000rpm
Torque: [email protected],500rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 20 litres
Fuel consumption: 18.4km/l
Gearbox: Six-speed, with hydraulic clutch
Final drive: Chain
Front Suspension: 41mm telescopic fork with adjustable preload
Rear Suspension: Preload adjustable HMAS shock absorbers
Wheels and Tyres: 17-inch alloy wheels, 120/70 (front) and 160/60 (rear) tyres
Brakes: Twin 296mm discs with 3-piston callipers (front) and single 240mm disc (rear), with C-ABS
Kerb weight: 245kg

The perfect fit for your life
The new 2010 Honda CBF1000 takes the CBF ethos of versatile motorcycling enjoyment another step further. Its styling is compact and more sporty with improved ergonomic design. Its power provides flexibility and easy handling as well as impressive reliability and fuel economy. Combined ABS is available as an option. The CBF1000 also offers a comfortable ride for both rider and passenger, and can be purchased with a choice of panniers as standard.

Development Concept
The CBF1000 was developed to be a sporty performer that would lead its class in stylish practicality and usable power. Its versatility takes the CBF concept to another level. Its specialities are not just adjustable components and handling that easily adapts to the rider’s skill level; but an impressively linear delivery that provides the power the rider wants exactly when it’s needed. Quick cross-city errands are made easy with strong, sporty acceleration that gets the rider out in front of traffic queues. Out-of-town cruising with a passenger and luggage aboard is a smooth, comfortable experience, while sportier solo rides are fun and exhilarating.
With a new aluminium frame, the CBF1000 is agile, lightweight and easy to handle. A single muffler enhances its sporty looks. Those moving up from a mid-displacement bike or re-entry riders will find it delightfully easy to ride. Seasoned bikers looking for a power-packed all-rounder will be inspired by its precise performance characteristics, luxurious styling and comfort. For anyone looking for a high-quality, high-value Honda experience, the CBF1000 is a perfect fit.

The elegant styling of the CBF1000 expresses its big-bike performance capabilities without overstating them. Its smooth lines and surfaces emphasise its aerodynamic proficiency. The immediate focus of attention is its sculpted half fairing. Its proportions are designed to provide a superior degree of wind protection at high speed as well as excellent manoeuvrability.

Four-position adjustable windscreen
The clean-cut front profile integrates an aerodynamic adjustable windscreen. This has four possible positions, giving an adjustability range of 120mm. Adjustment is easy and does not require any tools. The lowest position is ideal for short, sporty rides, allowing an intense feel while still reducing fatigue. The highest position reduces wind impact on the upper body, improving comfort on longer journeys. In each position and at any speed, attention to aerodynamics and stability are integral to the design.

Top-quality seat design
The new 2010 CBF1000 has a three-position adjustable seat with a broad rear and slim, tapered front that give an ideal balance of low height and comfort. The seat can be raised or lowered 15mm from its 795mm-high central position and the handlebars are high enough to allow a natural, upright riding position which adds to both comfort and confidence. The pillion seat is also designed for easy, relaxed touring.

Exclusive light & indicator design
The CBF1000 light arrays emphasise its sporty image as well as providing excellent visibility. The front cowl integrates the same distinctive low-profile line beam headlights as the CBR600RR, as well as a pair of LED-look indicators. At the rear, a striking new LED tail-light gives brilliant illumination. The oval-shaped rear indicators are also compact and feature an attractive design derived from the edgy CB1000R.

Sporty instrument panel
A large, central analogue rev counter provides a sporty focal point. It is surrounded by sophisticated and practical digital readouts. These include an odometer with dual trip meters, a speedometer, a clock, a fuel gauge and indicator lights. It also includes a fuel consumption gauge. This displays average fuel consumption on a trip basis as well as indicating real-time fuel economy and reserve fuel usage.

Colouring Concept
Four launch colours are available for the CBF1000. These include a rich and intense Pearl Nightstar Black, a sophisticated Quasar Silver Metallic, an elegant Pearl Cool White and a sporty Pearl Amber Yellow. As well as a new CBF1000 logo, all versions feature a black engine, black engine covers and black wheels.


  • Pearl Nightstar Black
  • Quasar Silver Metallic
  • Pearl Cool White
  • Pearl Amber Yellow

Engine - Super Sports power, Naked delivery
CBF models have previously featured CBR-based engines, and the CBF1000 is no exception. It benefits from all the power of the liquid-cooled, inline-four powerhouse designed for the CBR1000RR with race-winning heritage.
The engine focuses on strong, enjoyable torque rather than increased maximum power. The compression ratio has been raised (from 11.0:1 to 11.2:1), effectively improving both power and efficiency. The emphasis is always on enjoyment of the engine’s power in the mid-range where it is most used. A high-revving low to midrange provides quick, powerful rushes of acceleration up to a searing top speed that increases long-distance touring pleasure.
Like its litre-class Naked brother, the CB1000R, the new CBF1000 places a huge emphasis on enjoyment, offering full-blooded performance in an accessible and easily manageable package.

Fuel-injected efficiency
To deliver its wide-ranging and long-distance capabilities, the CBF1000 engine is tuned to perform with maximum efficiency. A highly developed Honda PGM-FI system constantly measures data on engine speed, throttle input and operating conditions in order to maintain the best power and throttle response in all conditions. 36mm throttle bodies and 12-hole injectors deliver the ideal fuel atomisation and sharp, responsive performance.
The system also contributes to the new motorcycle’s low fuel consumption. The CBF1000 is 7% more fuel efficient than the 09YM CBF1000 and easily sets a new standard for economy in its class, making it perfect for low-cost commuting. Combined with its high level of comfort and adaptability for touring, this makes the CBF1000 a great all-round motorcycle.

High-capacity single muffler
The enhanced performance characteristics of the CBF1000 engine are complemented by a new exhaust system. This single-sided stainless steel system cuts down on weight and bulk by placing the pre-catalyser in the exhaust pipe and the main catalyser in one large-capacity muffler. The catalysing system itself maintains the optimal air/fuel mixture at all times to keep exhaust emissions to a minimum.

The CBF1000 is built around a strong Mono-Backbone frame, tailored to the sporty and easy-handling performance characteristics of the bike.
This lightweight and sturdy frame clamps the powerful 998cc engine as a stressed member in a diamond configuration offering superior strength and rigidity for responsive control. The engine’s rear mounts and swingarm pivot are positioned between a pair of strong cast aluminium pivot plates in a solid, rigid configuration that enhances handling. The overall dimensions are compact, adding to the bike’s easy riding position and handling. A 1495mm wheelbase creates smooth, effortless high-speed stability, while the overall length and turning radius are kept relatively short for easy manoeuvring.
Smooth comfort and predictable handling are enhanced by top-quality suspension systems. These allow all riders to enjoy a natural, easy feeling of control, regardless of their riding style and level of experience.
The 41mm telescopic front fork effortlessly handles uneven road surfaces and allows confident handling to match the motorcycle’s performance capabilities. The wide fork span complements the comfortable handlebar position, creating swift, proficient manoeuvring control. New fork spring adjusters allow both comfort and handling to be enhanced. Quicker compression gives a smooth ride, while a higher rebound damping force improves responsiveness and gives a sporty feel.
The swingarm is designed for optimum rigidity and cornering control. A responsive Monoshock damper featuring the Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) with seven-step adjustable spring preload contributes to an optimal balance of compliant behaviour and confidence-building control. This system allows the rider to achieve the best set-up for sporty solo riding or long trips with a passenger and a full load of luggage.

Confident control
The dynamic styling of the 2010 CBF1000 is enhanced by black-painted 17" cast aluminium wheels with an attractive 6-spoke design. Strong and lightweight, they contribute to the responsive feel. A high priority has been placed on strong, responsive brakes to match the sporty power delivery and inspiring performance. Front braking is delivered by 2-piston front calipers and large 296mm floating rotors. The 240mm rear disc is gripped by a rigid single-piston caliper.

Combined ABS
The C-ABS version of the CBF1000 is equipped with both the easy control of a Combined Brake System and the extra reassurance of an Antilock Brake System. The CBS effectively balances front and rear braking control for smooth operation. At the same time, the ABS provides extra reassurance and the confidence to build skills in unexpected or extreme situations.

Standard Equipment
The new CBF1000 is available in a range of factory options to provide a tailored solution for every lifestyle and riding style. A reduced power (72kW) version allows choice of the engine performance best suited to the rider’s preference and experience. There are also versions with small panniers or large panniers as standard. The reduced power version can be combined with small panniers and all versions with ABS.

Optional Equipment
Honda Access will provide a comprehensive range of additional accessories for the CBF1000. These are designed alongside the motorcycle and tailored to enhance its styling, comfort and all-round usability. The range includes:

  • A motion and vibration-sensitive AVERTO alarm kit including a compact alarm unit with a loud warning signal and a back-up battery. A low-consumption sleep mode protects the battery from draining. The system is easy to install with pre-fitted model-specific wiring.
  • A crankshaft cover set, and a crankshaft cover ornament kit, both colour matched with the motorcycle’s body colour, allowing the rider to add a personal touch.
    -A set of two exclusive 29-litre panniers. Specially designed for the CBF1000, they are aerodynamically styled and fully integrated with the pannier stays provided. An additional barrel lock and spare keys are included.
  • A set of two aerodynamically designed 33-litre panniers. These are specially tailored to integrate with the CBF1000 styling and are colour-matched with the motorcycle. Each pannier can hold one full-face helmet. The kit includes pannier stays, an additional barrel lock and spare keys.
  • A quick-locking and easily detachable 35-litre top box which can hold one full-face or two open-face helmets. Top box lids are produced in colours to match the motorcycle. A rear carrier, top box bracket and top box pad are included.
  • A 45-litre top box which holds two full-face helmets with room to spare. This top box features a locking quick-detach mounting system. Lids are produced in colours to match the motorcycle. A rear carrier, top box bracket, pillion backrest and top box mat are included.
  • A black nylon top box inner bag which is expandable from 15 to 25 litres and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handle. The front pocket can hold an A4-sized file and features a silver Honda Wing logo.
    -A deluxe top box inner bag in light grey nylon with black zippers and a black embroidered Honda Wing logo on the front pocket. The bag is expandable from 21 to 33 litres, has a front pocket which can contain an A4-sized file and fits all 45-litre top boxes. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handle.
  • A deluxe set of two pannier inner bags in strong, light grey nylon, each offering an extra 16 litres of carrying capacity and featuring a handy front pocket with a black embroidered Honda Wing logo. Handles and carrying straps are included.
    -A tamper-resistant barrel key U-lock which is designed to fit under the set of the CBF1000.
  • A tailored outdoor motorcycle cover in water-resistant breathable fabric that allows the bike to dry while covered and protects its paintwork against U.V. rays. A rope is provided to tighten the cover and prevent fluttering and two standard holes allow for the easy use of a U-lock.
    -A patented heat-adjustable grip heater kit with an integrated circuit to prevent battery drainage.












Ooh. I like it. Maybe I’ll get one of these before I get a Pan.

Honda’s design department has clearly jumped the shark. :w00t:

I just love my 2010 Honda CBF1000A. I couldn’t ask for a better bike for my 5’7" frame. The power, the size, the comfort … everything about is is absolutely great.


I’m with you on this one Pan, it is ugly.

Mind you the old model was as ugly as sin, so it’s an improvement… :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like a bastardised fazer… I do like those front indicators though I must say…

But guys we are missing the point here - the CBF was never meant to give you a hard on - even if Honda’s styling department are attempting to fluff us a bit with the CBR derived styling - as a practical, efficient, comfortable commuter a bike like the CBF can’t be beaten - it is uber efficent very well designed two wheeled transport.

Agree with Conrad, looks like a old style Fazer…Tank shape is that new weird one from the VFR, very strange, but probably holds a bit more…?

Like the dash though and probably is a very nice bike to ride.

There’s plenty of bikes that can compete with it as a commuter & most of the BMW F800 range would easily match or beat it on all the categories you list & completely spank it’s ugly arse on fuel economy.

The new Z1000SX is the same price…

Pat (02/02/2011)

There’s plenty of bikes that can compete with it as a commuter & most of the BMW F800 range would easily match or beat it on all the categories you list & completely spank it’s ugly arse on fuel economy.

The new Z1000SX is the same price…[/quote]

I’d definitely get the Z1000SX. :w00t: