Well that annoying little red light is still giving me bother.

Tried wiping the fault from the memory by following the Haynes manual: inserting wires in sensor, turning ignition on, disconnecting wires, waiting for light to come on for 5 seconds and inserting wire again within that time. Light is then supposed to flash but it just doesn’t happen however many times I try it.

Any ideas peeps???


Take it to a Honda dealer and ask them to plug it in. Cost you half an hour of time and will let you know all. Might be more than one code activating it.

I took it to a Honda dealer and it disappeared temporarily and now it’s back I’m afraid. It has a new MAP sensor (mega money) and thermo sensor and they said it was running fine. Irritating eh!

By the way, glad your eye thingy went well.

Light went out of its own accord this morning and bike even more of a rocket ship than normal…has a mind if its own.

So what caused that problem then?

Who knows, trouble is could be one of a multitude of things.

Electronics eh! Good and bad aspects that’s for sure.

It’s back on again, annoying thing that it is.

Make sure you have the side stand down when you try to read the flashes.

It only comes on as a solid red light otherwise.

I think the alternative is to short out the service cable and then see how many times it flashes.

it means you’ve run out of fuel injection.

you may purchase some from you local general stores.

Damn, now I know.

i thought that ‘FI’ meant ‘F**k It’ :hehe: