Honda X11

I really don’t want to sell but TfL have forced my hand with ULEZ in 2019.

So, 2000 model, heavily modified. Delinked brakes, Hel lines. Blue Flame Evo exhaust. Tail tidy, LED indicators, Acewell speedo.
Custom paint job and tank stripped bare and coated.

All work done by Scorch Motorcycles in Chesham who can attest to the money spent and verify work done if required.

Cat C write off - cosmetic damage now repaired. New BT023 tyres, brake pads, new fluid, new oil and KN filter. Battery and plugs a year old.

38000 miles and counting. The power this bike has is incredible, yet still smooth inline 4. Obscene top speed (160) but heaps of torque (134bhp 83ft/lb). A gentlemanly hooligan bike!


Price? :)

Oops. I would like £2k.

160mph without a fairing would break my neck.  

I got it up to 135 after which I couldn’t see the speedo, my lid was halfway inside my skull and my jacket was making a bid for freedom so I have no idea how close I got. Surprisingly easy to cruise at 100 though given the lack of deflection. My neck isn’t particularly thick.

Obviously those speeds was achieved at the top gear airfield :joy::joy::joy:

And kph

Amazing what body work can do. My Blackbird hides you from the speed. Until you get to 140 it’s about the same as doing 80.

Where else to advertise? Ebay gumtree

Gumtree can be okay. Classified ad for Ebay is cheapest for big exposure. Autotrader will want a bit of a change, but are also effective. 



MT-09 was like that - 120 on it felt the same as 80. It has some weird aerodynamics.