Honda X11 - any experiences?

Hey guys

i was wondering if anyone has had any experiences on a honda X11, or heard anything about them

thinking about moving up soon and the insurance is pretty reasonable, and the bikes are pretty cheap

so what do you lot think about em?

I think you should be worrying about the suspension more than anything

what you trying to say oggy? im not lardy, its the helium vest i wear

sorry i didn’t catch that…did you say something about man boobs???

friends eh? im sure oggy has never ridden a x11 so he doesnt count, anyone else?

I haven’t owned one personally, but I know of a fellow despatcher that has done over 150K with routine servicing and the odd thing like a shock and brake caliper rebuild. Two friends had them, and both said they were good bikes if a little lardy round the tighter lanes, but good long-distance, luggage carrying tourers. If naked touring is your bag…

Try here :

i spoke to a couple of peeps last year at chelsea bridge.they sure look fantastic bikes .they have had no problems but u dont c them around much the only problem they said was the fuel consumption as its a bit thirsty.lovley bike to look at though but they do shift but not as fast round corners

i have had two hond x11 and are very good bikes .

i sold mine to get new blackbird but some woman drove into side of me and fooked it up big time.

have alook on here

eddy runs the site tell eddy i gave you web site address (darren gibbs).

you shouldnt pay no more then £3600 tops for a x11

and thats for bloody good x11 .