Honda VFR800 V-TEC 2002

Have to part with it!
2002 on a 52 plate.
Years mot NOW expires 03/08/2013
11 Months TAX NOW taxed till May 13
has 80.000 Miles “nothing for these engines” NOW SHOWING 80.640
Both sets of original keys
Owners hand book.
Has heated grips
Touring handle bars
Scott oiler
Touring screen
Givi rack and top box
Custom seat! Has 2 tears on cover.
Twin Beawulf stubby tri oval exhausts fitted Removed std now fitted lol
plus still have standard exhausts.
Looking for £2200














I’m interested. How many miles do you get out of a full tank?

I have no idea mate think its about 45 mpg roughly
Cheers Steve

Oops Mcn review says 38 mpg—current–/

That seems like a very good price mate, shame I haven’t got any money, and not really after another VFR, but for that price if I did have any money I would buy it.

Sorry you have to sell.


I really really really DONT want to sell it but as the Ninja isn’t getting any real interest i have no other choice :frowning: my family comes first.
Cheers Steve

humm interesting, but thats high miles, i know these will run past that. when was the last BIG service.

Hi James
Glad to see your home in one piece hope you had a great time :slight_smile: . . . Last owner was pretty anal with it mechanically had clearances done about a year ago and throttle bodies
Balanced and synchronized also had Ape manual cam chain tensioners fitted. Last year for mot forks where re built and all wheel bearings and rear hub re built at the same time
Last but not least new pads all round. . . . As you say high miles but was told by a member on here about a courier that had wracked up 250K on one of these with no major
Problems. Only 2 things i would want to sort out are rear shock is not as good as it could be and the clutch basket rattles when cold. Not a problem just annoying lol
Cheers Steve

They are epic bits of kit, but they do need looking after right, but by the sounds of it this one has. hummm let me have a think, I’m kind of after one. Will be my 3rd VFR they are such good all rounders.

I love it but needs must and all that are you back in Cricklewood ? ? ?

No mate in west london.

Withdrawn no longer for sale :wink:

^^ Had a feeling that would happen :stuck_out_tongue:

What can i say? You know how much i love this bike oh well peoples had the chance now to late :wink:

Well due to circumstances beyond my control i have got to let go i love the bike but need the money :frowning: still taxed and tested has a few more miles and the rear wheel does need a re furb.
You will kick yourself if you dont buy it lol. Oh only issue not that it in any way affects the riding is the clutch basket is a little noisy when cold. If you have ever had an older kwak you’ll know its not a problem just an annoyance at times lol. Will accept £1995 NOT a penny less. Oh and if the other bike i have is sold first guess what . . . . I will withdraw it again for good lol
Cheers Steve

Does it come with the Beowulf cans, even though the standard ones are fitted?

And do you have the service record for the bike?

Custom seat - is that with a gel pad or purely cosmetic?

I might be interested in this, I’m waiting to hear back from my insurance company, had a crash last week and not sure if it will be repaired or if I’ll get a payout if the bike is declared a total loss

Hi Conrad the link pipe i had custom made then i brought the cans and cost me £300 so no mate just the standard.
I have no actual service history as such just all the old mot’s and dealer stamped book to 43K .
The seat was the oem one sent off to Custom seats and had whatever they do done lol it is a lot more comfortable than an original one.
Hope this helps Cheers Steve

Oh forgot to say its also now on ebay
Cheers Steve

That’s a good price for a VFR despite the mileage - should go quick I would have thought,

all i will say these are epic bikes. Love them and think there the best all rounder. Good luck with the sale mate.