HONDA VFR 800 2000 (W Reg) For sale needs a little TLC but a bargain at £1000 comes with goodies

So I am jetting off to Houston next year for what looks like good. EDIT Price :pinch: £1000 not taking offers :slight_smile:

I toyed with shipping my VFR over but its too pricey considering you cant filter over there and its mental heat!

So she is up for sale.

I have owned this bike for 3 years and only put about 3k on it maybe more will need to check.

1st of all the BAD bits.

She has been parked outside the house and has been knocked over. This has not damaged the forks but it has damaged the right fairing the front mudguard and the clutch housing (superficial).
The fairings will need either repair or replacement. I have a spare upper right fairing which I got off ebay. This can go on no bother but again needs slight repair.
The keyhole housing has a little damage, this is the dust cover for the keyhole, nothing else.
The front left brake disk needs replaced. Londons finest tried to pry one of the disk locks off, of course failed but bent the rotor. I have a spare to be fitted but not had the time or the weather to do it.
It will need a service, I changed the oil last year but its not been ridden much in London.
1 of the heated grips works, I have not bothered to try and fix it, never needed too (good gloves)

The good bits!

only 26k on the clock
Shiney (ok almost) shiney red.
2 pretty much new pilot 2 tyres probably only done 700ish miles.
Micron carbon end can
Givi luggage rack fitted
TomTom Rider mount fitted
12v charger cable (small thing I know but very useful)
Honda HISS
New rear pads
Powder coated wheels (have a slight red speckle in them when clean)
Good chain and sprockets although I would take them off and clean them up.

Comes with the following
3 Givi E36 monolock luggage boxes
Red Bagster Tank cover
Optimate charger
A bag of cleaning stuff that I wont use.
Spare rear wheel. Plenty of meat on her but I changed both tyres when I got the new ones on.
Original Honda Exhaust.

For another £100 I will throw in the TomTom Rider Europe as well. I used it once on last years choccie run.

Not got any up to date pics as the weather has been gash. Will grab some of ones I have on my PC and stick them up and get some up to date ones up soon. Its the one in my sig :wink:

She is a 12 year old bike that I am sick to be selling but needs must. I am going to try and get the rotor on but cant guarentee it. I will however help anyone to do it as it would be easier with two and someone who’s toolbox does not consist of some screwdrivers and a bag of jellybabies.

Any questions fire away.


I’ll give you £200 for it

I bid £650 cold hard cash on the barrelhead (barrel not included)

ahhh tits!

In my haste typing I DID have £1000 up in the title. Not sure where that wandered off too!

At this point Joey, I think 1k for it is a fair price. It does need the things mentioned but once done it would be worth a few quid. The extras are freebies really as I am not taking them with.



Pm sent…

Hi guys,

Pm’s replied too.

I was hoping the rain would stop so I get some dry pics of her up and sent.

I will do this today / tomorrow even if she looks like a drowned rat.

She was undercover until last week when the wind ripped it off! :open_mouth:

OH it also comes with 2 x disk locks and an Oxford lock and chain set.

A taster from one of the images on my laptop until I get some more up. Mines the one in the front. :slight_smile:

I reeeeely want this… Massive bargain at 1000 quid

I can’t believe this…

If the other guys above don’t snap it up then I will take it…


You are welcome to come see the bike. PM me if you want to see it. I need to charge the battery for it as she has sat for a couple of weeks without being started.

Conrad I will get pics up and then whoever comes to see me with money can take it.

Meant to say it DOES have an MOT, cant remember how much tax is left. I took the disk holder off and lost the tax disk but it was done for a year so I am guessing about 4-5 months of each left.

One thing I want to point out. It can of course be ridden without the right fairing as we know BUT unless the rotor is put on, I would say not to ride it as the rotor will rub the left fork.

again I have a spare left and right rotor. All rotors and pads have loads of meat on them.

If you have a van then that would be an idea to pick it up as it does come with all the extras.

Oh and the GIVI rack is a TOPBOX rack it does not have the side mounts for the bags. I didnt need it, me and the wife used 1 box for 3 days in Belgium during the choccie run.

If you have questions guys pm me and I will give you my mobile number.

There will be no hard salespitch from me. Anyone who has had one or wanted one knows what they are getting.

For some reason the forum wont send me an email when I get a reply or a PM so if I dont reply straight away you know why :). I will keep checking the forum.

I have some other stuff to go up as well so keep an eye on the classifieds :wink:



What part of London are you in Kev?


Hi guys,

some quick pics just now as I was heading out the door and on a friends pc right now so not replied to all PM’s

she needs a clean but its only rain water!


bloody hell that’s a steal! I’m tempted myself!

HI all,

Just wanted to give you an update on a couple of things I think you would want to know.

I have the MOT cert - This is dated Feb 25 2012. There were 0 advisory’s on the bike
The tax runs out 31/03/12 the disk and a holder are present.
I forgot I purchased the GIVI E36 liner for the one I used as a topbox. This is a briefcase style bag with a shoulder strap. We got a weekends worth of stuff in it so you just lift it out and can leave the box locked to the bike. This will come with it as well. The topbox has that and a hi vis vest in it.

I have both keys, one has never been used and still has the plastic cover from Honda on it.

V5 is present I do need to get it updated for the new owner. The DVLA in their wisdom sent me 2 one in 2008 and one in 2009 both with my name on them. I contacted them last month and just need to send a letter in. I can also submit the letter with the new owner slip and have it updated and sent to the new owners address when they get it from DVLA. I have checked the I am the 3rd owner (once its updated).

The TomTom rider is in its box with the bits but you just screw it to the bike and off you pop. As mentioned this can go with the bike for 100 quid if not I will fleabay it :slight_smile:

The charger is an Optimate 4, the winter clip for it is on the bike. Battery is currently charging ready for bike viewing. Got some ACF50 and other bits and bobs to go with it.

Again I am asking for 1k all in for everything, non negotiable but a bloody good deal and then some.

The E36 boxes are probably worth about 250 alone! They are used mind but work perfectly. The rack was fitted for the choccie run we went on.

Found the receipt for the Oxford chain which was on sale at 63 quid from HG in March last year.

Go on you know you want to. Christ you could buy it, sell the bits, stick the fairing and disk on and sell it again :smiley:


Still here guys:hehe:

guys im around all day today if anyone if interested in looking at the bike.


Sold to a very nice chap. Enjoy the bike mate, sad to see her go, make sure you put more miles on her than I did! :pinch:

someone got a steal