Honda VFR '55 plate

Test rode a Honda CBF thou at the weekend, wasn’t aroused by it. Then had a go on the VFR 800. Mmmaammmmaaa.

I didn’t want to buy the machine I test rode as it hadn’t been cared for well enough for my liking, bit of corosion on the pipes etc.

It still rode like a dream though. Integral braking. Mmm. Will get used to that I imagine.

Strange at first when slow riding, applyied some back brake and a little throttle for stability, wierd at the time feeling the front dip when the integral system applied some front brake without me pulling the front brake lever.

Anyone got any good tips on what to watch out for when viewing used VFRs? I look out for corosion on pipework, and chicken strip. Don’t want one that’s been thrashed to blazes. Thats my job when I buy it

Thanks all.

Gerneral signes of abuse ie. loose head bearings, clicking when breaking, corroded chain, general condition ie cracks in fairings.

make sure it is serviced well, and check the collector box and diffuser under the seat as the wheel throws all the crap up onto it and it falls to peices if not looked after.

The Vtec is a really well put together machine, collector pipes are stainless and should be well serviceable for the life of the bike.

If the VFR is serviced then it’s pretty well bullet proof as an engine, Shocks do get tired after 20K or so and the VFR as a bike is typically under sprung and over damped at the front end, the Vtec less so than the Fi but still the case. Easily sorted though with Ohlins springs.

Don’t worry about chicken strips the bike is made to be leant over, but I would advise whipping off the fairings and looking for signs of repair.

If you do get one remember that the V4 engine needs to be spinning for it to feel good, theree’s no point in riding it at <3500 revs and complaining, they are meant to be revved more than that.
Finally make sure that it comes with the grab handles and the pillion cover, both of these are not cheap from Mr Honda so you want them or a discount.

I’m on a 1990 VFR750 and yes, they do need to be revved over 3500rpm. Do check the collector box etc as they are expensive and a pain to fit. Front sparks are difficult to get at and can be skipped by dealers, so it is worth checking. They are nimble and competant bikes, good for touring and for commuting. Well pleased with mine. At 66K, it is still going well and smooth on the throttle.