honda trike

The annual Geneva Motor Show has had an early entry ahead of next week, with Honda’s battery-powered 3R-C concept trike looking very fast and ever so protective of the dry head inside.

The minimal, space-age three-wheeler has a low electric drivetrain to improve stability, and high sides for greater safety. Added to that, the lockable boot at the front will protect the millions of dollars worth of jewels you’ve just stolen in the high-speed jewelery heist (I’m just elaborating on the fantasy of owning one).






wow, have a crash in that and your legs will be fooked…

Thought it looked Really good till i saw that last picture !

Er, they should store that away for at least 50 years. On a USB key. On the Moon.

They already make piece of **** toyota prius’s and G Wiz’s… They arent any good.

Give it a 250cc engine AND a battery with a motor would be better :wink: