Honda SP2

I’ve seen her looking at me from the corner of her eye as I pass the shop. She is gorgeous, dressed in red black, and silver but I’ve heard she is temperamental, is forever hungry for fuel and doesn’t move as well as some Italian twins I know. But I want her, should I be tempted?

Well you know what they say - if you have to ask the cost…yoiu can’t afford it!

…but is super reliable! lol

Yes Yes Yes

I rode an SP1 a few years back and its prob the best bike (and worst) bike I’ve ever ridden. On the right road it feels every inch the real race bike, handling is beyond good and its way faster than you think when you look at the speedo. But that real racer feel is there when you hit town too and it kills your wrists and is very hard to pull away smoothly on as it lurchs half the time on pull away and low speed riding is difficult…BUT I’d love one, in fact its the only sports bike that I would actually consider buying (well ok an RSV too).

If your serious then get a test ride as it is a seriously committed bike, which is fine as long as you are too For a Jap bike it feels very special to ride in a way which a Gixxer/R1/Blade etc will never do.

It’s a lovely bike, I’ve ridden one. It won WSB remember, so it’s a fine ride. They can be tuned a fair bit as well. One member, Durbhan can do CRAZY things with them. They also sound like the dogs of war unleashed with a nice exhaust system.

Ok triang, I’ve owned a sp1 for 3 years and it has been a brill bike, I’ve focused it to my own tastes and have turned it from a quiet tame bike into something much more track tool, but still used on the road. my own issues are the weight and fueling

Sadly she is an Insurance write off, so i am looking to sharpen something else, but i will miss the character of the V2’s


Yeah Jay, Edward’s bike was just like the road bike. They just lobbed on some race body work and a set of slicks!

True, but come on mate, you have to start with greatness to win. Look at the GSX-R 1000

oohh SP2…once ridden forever smitten. Go buy the thing…race ya!

hmmk i so want one too, im loking at selling my CBR RR in feb …it a toss of the fireblade 04 or an sp1 or if the budget will alow an sp2…

so so sexy

or if i win the lottery (im sure i will ) the new duke 1098

I would go for the SP, Stewboy, out of that or the fireblade. The FB is a great all-rounder, but the SP is still quite exotic I think, in a weird Japanese way. Would drink a bit more juice though, but you can’t beat the sound of an SP with twin Renegade (British, London!) exhausts!

in a heart beat!!! there awesome and amazing and … oooh i think ive just jizzed in my pants

i had renegades on my SV …i thought that had moved out of the UK … they sound GREAT!

Oh, really? I thought they had always been based at Brands Hatch…

yes they was mate as thats where i got them from last time but i hear, but i could be wrong but they have closed …ill check it ut and let you know … as if i do get the SP1 i will for sure be getting renegades if they are still there

You *******s there I was half hoping for a few ‘don’t buy it mate it handles like a pig on ice’ or ‘the power delivery is crap’ but no all I get is ‘they’re awaesome get one.’ And I’m off work today and fancy going for a ride, looks like I’m off to Doble’s to see what deal I can cut.

If, no bollox WHEN I do get one it look like new pipes and a power commander are in order. Any suggestion on makes and whether a full system is required?

p.s. Thnaks for the responses and apologies not replying earlier. I’ve been in Poland over christmas and had problems logging in over there. Hope you all had too much to drink and are now adjusting your suspension to cope with the added weight!

get it, I have a firestorm and I wish it was as track focused as an sp2 now the storm is a great road bike but not as a track bike