Honda servicing - SE London

My CBFs due for its 16k service. Its last service was done at Dobles in Coulsden but between getting it there and getting back for work, that just isn’t practical.

Any ideas re Honda servicing (preferably tried and tested, I don’t want my bike to be a guinea pig ), near Catford?


Aren’t hartgate good?? CR4 postcode only 9 miles from catford??

But you won’t get Doble discount?!?

Ask them about courtesy bike, whilst they service yours?

Maybe possible, or just buy that other bike you liked now and you won’t have a problem at all!!

As talented as I am, I can still only ride one bike at a time eh Would need to get to Dobles on Jimbob and then what?

Well, you could ask a friend to follow you on their bike and they could return you home.

Or if you had another bike, friend rides that to Doble’s with you, and returns as pillion

Maybe it might work - need a good friend who has time available when you want to go

Wasn’t massively impressed with them myself, miserable feckers last time i was in there… plus their loan bikes are FMX650’s or at least were… they are a. quite tall and b. over 33bhp (37bhp i think) in case you are on a restricted licence…

The FMX I had as loan had a bald rear tyre which was cool for sliding about, but I would have got the nick if tugged… :S