Honda S-Wing or SH125?

I’d get a Vespa GTS300 if I was going bigger than a 125 because of the abuse those things can take, how agile it is (its not too big but also not too small) and they will never go out of fashion meaning resale easier.

Agreed, a 250 will probably be just fine, but the 125 is likely to be short. My S-Wing did hit 72mph measured with GPS, on a flat road having just come down a steep hill :-). Best bet, really, is to test drive the S-Wing and decide for yourself…

Thanks all. So what are the good 200’s / 250’s out there? I’m going to be doing circa 8000 miles a year so I’m after reliability, longevity, reliability, and more reliability. Fashion / looks is the very least of my concerns!

interesting how advice is on size , power , speed !
5 years ago i had a zzr 400 to get from Bromley to Gatwick on A roads and then M23 , but cost fuel and servicing i need a smaller bike.
thinking of the winter etc i went for a trail bike a XT225 15BHP top speed 60 / 65mph
but what i did after a few boring rides on A roads and as commented you get mobbed by cars on faster roads , i found a route to work all on back country lanes and it made the ride in and back a lot of fun single track road are fun on a small bike and a small cc bike is in its element.
( horses for courses)

If I could afford to run another bike I would definitely have a GTS300 for commuting. Some of the best commutes I have had have been when I have been loaned one whilst my bike is being serviced.

Agree with all the comments suggesting 250/300 rather than 125, you’ll have more flexibility and as commented strain the engine less and get possibly same mpg.

Like you the style part doesn’t float my boat, so I’d not pay the premium for a Vespa, but instead look at Sym as they’re reliable and offer a great 3yr warranty, only possible downside is low oil change interval but no issue if you DIY.

This is SWing sized with good storage, so you get the road presence but maybe not quite so nimble for those tiniest of gaps.

Joyride 200

This is big-wheeled so more like the SH but with more go.

HD 200

As always “try before you buy” to avoid disappointment.

NB- I have no affiliation to Sym or any deal Sym dealer

There could be less than £1000 difference if you shop around. The ones I have listed below I think have all less than 5000 miles on the clock and aren’t due their 1st MOT. The premium you pay for Vespa is clearly noticed. They aren’t the best looking things but they are built to the highest of quality.

this is my pcx with a larger givi screen. i bought the bike from a bike dealers for £1600, its half a year old.

I rode a Yamaha Vity from new for 2 years, it was brilliant around the city and you can really throw it around and through tiny spaces.

Then I upgraded to the S-Wing and have never looked back. I work as a handyman all over London and I spend a lot of time riding all over the city every day. I also carry a lot of tools; I am impressed daily by how much gear I manage to get in/on my S-wing. I commute in and out of the city every day down the a13; I have ample speed (70mph) when it opens up and plenty of pulling power and manoeuvrability once you hit the traffic.

After I rode it home from the dealer my first thought on it was that it was like ‘piloting a shark’. One of the best purchases I ever made.

PS. I have also ridden to brighton many times from london, and even to portsmouth one evening which was a lovely ride the whole way and I really wasn’t bothered about only doing 70 the whole way.

got a PS 125 for sale. better than the SH imho