Honda PS-125 scooter (2006 19k miles)

For sale our (my wife is on the V5 now) reliable scooter.

it has been with us for 5 almost 6 years now- was bought almost new -the first owner had only done 3k miles.
since then it has been used for commuting purposes first my own then my wife’s.

it has been always serviced at a shop (mainly Bill Buns) and has never missed a beat.

the scooter has been Sorn-ed for the past year or so since my wife was 6months pregnant and she has decided that she doesn’t want to start commuting on it anymore hence the sale. so it doesn’t have Tax or MOT - and so cant be ridden away.

it also has some cosmetic damage in the front when it was knocked over. other wise as expected it has some signs of rust but nothing too serious.

all in all it as a decent commuter and starts first time and we are hoping to sell it for around the £800 mark.

any further details let me know

forgot to say that the stearing lock is also damaged