Honda NTV 650

The bike has just been declared a Cat C, I’ve photographed all the damage in the photos, so to put it back on the road it will need the following:

New Headlight and mounting brackets
New Clutch Lever
New Handlebar Ends
New Horn
New rear indicator (I have a spare you can have)
The clocks taping up

It starts and runs fine, the exhaust was replaced just before I had the accident so has probably only been used for a few hundred miles and gives the bike a nice sounds, besides the accident the bike had never let me down, infact even after the accident, it started straight away.

The bike has tax till the end of the month and MOT till July I think but I can’t find the paperwork to confirm that but can tell you the garage that it was taken at and it can all be checked online anyway nowadays.

I have keys for the box as well, which is I believe is a 42l box, use to hold everything I needed in it fine.

I have a few spares for the bikes that will come with it if you want:

Brake pads, (2 sets of rear pads and 1 set of front pad)
Replacement rear brake caliper (I ordered as I thought the bleed nipple was stuck but it wasn’t, I was just being weak) this also doesn’t fit but is for an NTV…
Full fairing set including screen, clock and extra lights, some mounting brackets are broken for this but you can just use cable ties like I did for it.

The bike has 68k miles on it and was serviced at 65k by myself, with a full brake bleed, new pads, oil, air filter and spark plug, oh and oil filter. I used the bikes in all weather and as such it does have rust, and it’s dirty, it was my workhorse and was brilliant, nice and comfortable and great on fuel, got about 200 miles to a tank out of it and it’s only a small tank as well.

I don’t have a price in mind for it to be honest, so I am open to reasonable offers, the spares are yours or not if you want, if you want to make an offer without the exhaust your welcome to as well and I will put it on my new bike, I will however leave you with the downpipes connector pipe as you would need this to fit a new exhaust.

As a note, the common problem with these is the exhaust collector box rusting, this is not present with the new system and is now the pipe mentioned earlier, so no worries about it rusting, I’ve seen these bikes go around the clock before, so plenty of life left in it.

Any questions, please ask

The bike is located in Stoke Poges, SL2, 10 minutes from M4 or A40

Bump, this would make a great bike for a courier, with low maintenance due to it being shaft drive, it will be going on eBay at the weekend, but would rather it go to somebody on here if they want it…

do ya want me to ad it here?

PM Sent

Do you still have this??

Yes I do, but I’ve just sold it, well had an offer and it’s being collected on Saturday, can you let know if anything happens though…

Bike has been sold and collected now, so thread can be closed / deleted if need be…

What did it go for in the end?

A figure that me and the purchaser agreed on :slight_smile: and he got a few extras as well that I found laying around and even sold him a spare tyre that I had as well for the front of it (the tyre won’t fit the thundercat so is pointless me keeping it now)