Honda NR 748 exotica on sale in spectacularly unexotic Greenford

On sale at Motorcycles Unlimited for 100k. :w00t:

Fook me I’m sick of seeing this bike.

I know the amazing feats of engineering that went into this bike, but hate to say it, I’d prefer the ‘cheaper’ Ducati Desmosedici.

The Honda is about as fast as current litre bikes but doubt it would handle as well and spares will be unobtanium.

It’s ok if you just want it as a museum piece, but I don’t see the point in that.

Don’t think it’d fetch £100,000 in this climate either.

That money would probably get you an ex Kenny Roberts Jnr V5 MotoGP bike :wink:

Bit more special but granted, probably a museum piece too.

This been for sale for ages

Guy that owns it is abit of prick

Rides it to ace every so often sits outside on road until someone comes over and admires it and offers to sell it to them for 100,000 then rides off

Seen him do it a few times

remember to the flick the kill switch next time you pass…

at best, he’ll notice straight away. :laugh:

lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bought my first bike (bandit 600) from Frank at Motorcycles Unlimited. He seems like a decent sort of guy but does ask what seem to be unrealistic prices for his rare/vintage bikes.

He’s got a 1981 Honda CB1100R up for £12K but according to ‘those in the know’ it’s not as original as it should be for that price.

You must have to really love a motorcycle to pay those kind of prices - I guess there has to be a deep emotional connection with the bike and the era it comes from - reliving ones youth etc.

thats an NR750 designation may only be 748cc

wonder if those forks fit a 'bird…the mirrors are the same

and yeah why everyone keep posting the bike ? I know they are rare but jeez…sod off down the Ace its bound to turn up again

I’ve never seen it before - it was just a bit of a shock when your calibrations are set to check out 2k cbrs to see something like this pass across the radar.