Honda LCR Playboy...

I’ve fallen for the paint job on the Playboy Honda’s… Now I just need a new Fireblade and a shedload of cash for the graphics! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

And the teams Grid Girls aren’t too shabby either! :stuck_out_tongue:



Does Playboy’s softcore ethos have any relevance these days in a world of ever more extreme hardcore porn available freely on demand by internet?

It’s not just about the pictures of lovely ladies with their bits on show! It also has lots of informative articles to read as well! :stuck_out_tongue:
And, as they say, one mans meat is another mans pudding! Each to their own… :wink:

I just like the bike! :smiley: :hehe:

Probably not, but who’s gonna want ‘Bukkake Sluts’ on their bike??? :D:D:D

Precisely ;):smiley:

I like the paint scheme too - shame it was only for a couple of races - wonder if it will return? :cool:

I’d much rather have a bunny-girl draped over my bike! :stuck_out_tongue: Or draped over me for that matter!! :w00t:

Sorry that’s too funny, I’m just picturing a race bike with some lurid porn site’s name draped down the side.:smiley:
Maybe it’d catch on.

I WOULD. . . :D:D:D

That’s a really cool paint scheme. :cool:

It is a nice paint job or words to that effect seeing it’s playboy.


Insert Appropriate Innuendo Here


Thought they only dropped the " Playboy " branding for the Arab rounds as it was deemed to be " offensive " or " degrading " - should be back for the other rounds though as far as I know ?

Yeah me to, sluts have got skills, bunnies are just eye candy probably wouldn’t want to dirty their nails :smiley:

It wasn’t being used at Le Mans this weekend and I heard on Eurosport it was a 2-3 race deal with the option for negotiation.

I was shocked to see Rizla missing as it isnt normally classed along with tobacco :blink:

Maybe the " Heff’s " going to stick to sponsoring " another kind of bike " for the future - although " they " are probably far more costly and demanding to maintain :w00t: