Honda Innova 125 2007

I’m selling my grey 2007 reg innova 125. Bought it last Oct/Nov and now I realise I want a manual and then get a full license.

It’s been a great scooter and I’ve taken care of it quite well since I got it. Replaced chain and sprocket about half a year ago and fixed up the electric start more recently. Has the usual wear and tear but rides fantastically. I get about 65-70 miles from 2.5 litres. Mileage is around 23k.
Tax and MOT valid until October from what I can remember.

Looking for 1100 pounds for it. I’ll be dropping by the BMM this wednesday if you’d like to have a look. Pictures coming up when I get back home later today.

I realise that not too many people here would like to buy it but it’s worth a try. If you know anyone who does, let me know.

Bumpity bump.

Mileage is actually 20600.

Have you tried putting an ad up in ‘Dominoes’ :w00t:

Should add , 1 female owner !

Oh no wait , not falling for that again ! :stuck_out_tongue:

It saddens me when I see a pizza scooter, they’re so battered…
I don’t really want mine to end up like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Gullible :stuck_out_tongue:

Mate, that is soo wrong! We should have left you at the station for that!

I wouldn’t’ve been able to keep up even if I tried :confused:

You will one day! lol :hehe:

Bit of advice I forgot to mention at the Ace that night. When following someone, ‘stagger’ your bike’s position. If JC had braked hard, you may not have been able to stop in time. You’ll find it comes naturally, and gives you more braking distance. Just as you would when you follow a car - if you sit behind his wing mirror, you can see past him, and if he brakes hard, you can easily filter past.

Having said that, we all make errors - just hope we learn from them whilst still upright!


Ah yea, thanks for the tip. I tried doing that on the day but I always have this compulsion to stick to the right side. I’ll keep this in mind for the next ride though!

Added a picture.

Not mine

I painted the calipers on my bizza bike, put LED underglow on it, Xenons, heated grips, painted footpegs, stainless brake lines, pazzo look-a-like brake lever, took the mirrors off (makes going through town easy) Fiamm horn (its fookin loud) and a debaffled exhaust.

It’s the best pizza bike in town. Hands down.

How much :w00t: £1100 for that?:w00t: LOL haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought Jeremy Beadle was dead?

lol nice! The ones I’ve seen so far were in such a state I felt bad for the bike :stuck_out_tongue:

And 1100 is a bit i know… More like 900-950 now if anyone’s interested. I overpaid for it but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:
No idea who Jeremy Beadle is…

I’ll give you £600 for it and a packet of Pork Scratchings?

Older bikes with double my mileage and in a worse condition go for more than that :slight_smile:

How fast does it go?

Around 55, maybe 60.

Sold! ba-dum-tish

Time to get a cbr 125!

nice one geeza good luck with the new bike :smiley: