Honda hornet F2 for sale

If anyone wants a cheap hornet I’m selling mine… Akrapovic titanium exhaust (I’ve also got the original), hagon front springs, givi top box, R&G crash bungs, black 2002 model on an 03 plate. It’s just been serviced and had new tyres front and rear. Only looking for about £1300 for it as it’s done 49000 miles or so. It is an all year round bike and i’ve taken it on one trackday to Rockingham (beginners class!) but is in good nick. There are no big marks on it that I can see and hasn’t been down the road to my knowledge.

I’ve also got a separate rear cowling which has had the grab rail gaps filled in professionally, and a new undertray with shotgun tail lights. I’ve never got round to fitting it, but for £100 that can be thrown in too.

I’m selling as I have bought another bike and apparently I’m not allowed two!

It’s currently under a foot of snow in the garden! :w00t:

PM me if you have any questions.

Ta, Tim


Is that the bike that won a ‘special’ award at the last Swarm?

Did you get the R6 in the end?



Yes it is garret… thanks for mentioning that! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll sort out some pictures once I work out how later today :slight_smile:

If it makes any difference, I can vouch for Dr Z. being an upstanding crustacean!

Hopefully a pic for you… It was too dark when I got home to take any more, this was taken 2 weeks ago in Belgium on a weekend rideout. :smiley:



The other thing I forgot to mention was that I fitted aluminium pazzo (I think) levers to the bike. They are great for the smaller handed amongst us!

so what is the replacement?!:smiley:

Steve…'s RF900R, it does this to my face when I open the throttle - :D:w00t:

Some more pics of the bike…







And if anyone wants to knowmore history on it i can fill you in as tim bought it off a mate of mine who bought it from another mate so trust me its a nice bike:D

How ya doing tim me luvvie?:wink:

Has your chain EVER seen any oil! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheeky! :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately it has had to sit in the back garden during the snow… hence the shocking state! It is fine in the O-ring sense though!

Good as gold Samm… working too hard, but it pays the bills! How are you getting on?

well the tyres look like they have good tread though :smiley:

That was what I wanted you to focus on!!! ;):smiley:

Good Tim…ta…hows the wifelet doing? bet she’s glad to see the back of the hornet…now you got something wiv a bit of poke lol:D

She has always complained of wanting something larger to sit on… :w00t: And the pillion seat on the RF is massive :smiley:

woudl you consider selling the givi box? I have the mount which I think would fit so only really looking for the box…

It’s not really worth that much… about £50 off of ebay brand new, so no I’m afraid.