Honda Hornet cb600fs2 (Semi-faired model)

Going up for P/ex


Any takers??? I ws offered £1700 as a p/x this morning at a dealers, So it must be worth it.


As a note to anyone calling, The bikes in my name, All at my address, NOTHING FISHY AS ONE GUY PUT IT!!!, If you wanna view it will be at my mother-in-laws address which is round the corner, If you wanna buy then we will do the deal back at my address where the bike is registered and I will show you proof of identity (As some are soooo worried), an that way we are both covered, your piece of mind that im actually the keeper and my piece of mind that the bike aint gonna go missing, Now I dont feel this is too much to ask… Seeing as theres a lot of bike thiefs about nowadays. Anyways it will be gone on monday anyhow.

If you dont agree then dont call, Simple as that!


SOLD! **** [center][/center]