Am I going crazy?? I noticed last week that my HISS led wasn’t flashing when the ignition was off. I shrugged it off because the bike had been standing 48hours and thought the light went to sleep to conserve battery when in storage.

I started the bike today, remembered the LED and turned off the ignition and low and behold no light. When the ignition is turned on the led does light up.

This is for a Honda Hornet FA8.

Help appreciated as always.


Never mind I’m jumping the gun. Found this on another forum, I remember resetting my clock last week and must have screwed up the settings, not that I knew you could turn
off the HISS

LOL, I figuered it out, kinda n00bish!
Never had Honda bike before so I dunno if it’s normal Honda stuff but it was simple as cake to “fix” it :slight_smile:

I just turned key on and hold ‘ADJ’ button for like 2-3 seconds, HISS led blinked once, and after I pulled key/locked bike HISS led started to blink normal

Turn key on again, hold ‘ADJ’, HISS blink once, pull key out and HISS will stop blinking :slight_smile:

So, is this ‘AJD’ button only to regulate HISS led blinking/not blinking or theres some more stuff onto it?