Honda Fireblade 929/900RRY for sale, £1500 off list


I dropped my 51 plate blade off the side stand (0mph) and broke the left hand side cover. This inturn has craked the engine casing. I have had it looked at and it can be ally welded for under £30 but I have to strip the engine out. I dont have the time or the mechanical experience to do this so I have decided to sell the machine.

Its a 51 plate with 20K on the clock, Full Honda service history, smart water, hiss, double bubble and the bike colour is Yellow and white.

All the panels are mint apart from the left hand fairing which touched down lightly and has a light mark on it. There is alos a small scratch on the clutch lever from resting on the floor.

I bought this bike from a Honda Dealer 6 weeks ag for £4000. Honda have quoted me a full days labour to strip the engine out the frame and put it back in again. This would make the repair bill around £500.

I have beem offered £2100 by a salvage company and I would like to take £2600.

Please PM if your interested.


honda blade.jpg

You’re prepared to lose £2k in six weeks? Bloody hell! I’m sure there’s people on here that would help get the engine out for you, it’s not too difficult, you could do it yourself in a day or two with the help of a Haynes manual. All you need is a garage, a methodical approach, a digital camera and another person to help with heavy bits now and then.

Yer I know Jay,

Thing is I have no garage space, no tools and I have been told that the engine is attached to the swing arm.

Im at a complete loss as to do.

I would only be losing 1500K and If I sent it into the shop it would cost £500, so in real terms Im losing 1000K.

Thats why someone with a little noddle and right tood can make a penny or thousand!

Where are you? I’d be interested in seeing this ‘damage’.

ok, thanks for all your help and advice. This is a serious addition to the thread. The bike has come back from Sutton Rebore welders who have informed me that it cant be welded. Which means an engine swap out is in order. I have found an engine for £595 wqith full Honda service history.

I dont have the tools or the experience to do this and frankly I cant wait another 5 weeks for someone to pop over and look at it.

On wednesday a gent from CH Motorcycle salvage is picking the bike up for £2100.

Im willing to let it go for that if anyone wants it.

It is a 900RR (929CC) 51 plate 2001 with full honda service history, two owners from new, smart water and double bubble. 20K on the clock which is not important as it needs a new engine (maybe). IT is Yellow and white in the pici above.

wow man thats realy bad luck… just fell of stand?

realy sorry bout this burger what a bummer…

seems like a steal, if i have the cash id be there now…

dam id like a blade as a second bike…

(looks round for something to sell)

I cant understand which part is actually broken!?

Its the engine casing itself. If you imagine the engine cover on the left hand side of the bike, remove it you expose the fly wheel.

The circular casing around the fly wheel (which is the engine casing) is craked. Its not a flat surface that can be welded.

I will try and get some pics.

Mate thats really pants and so sorry to hear this. Hope you get another bike soon.

If you can get some to get it to my house mate I would happily help you swap over the engine for a few beers

I think you may need to change the chain and sprockets at the same time so you can add anothewr £100 to the cost of doing it.