Honda F1 might have a buyer going by the name Richard Branson

Just read this, will be please to see them back in but things looking ropey at best at the moment as merc (providing engines) has given them a few days to prove they will be able to pay for them before building them…

full story here

I do hope they manage to get in, as I really feel like they have a good chance this year.

interesting, he might actually have the balls to stand up to bernie

Very good point. I like RB - seems to be the champion of the people in many respects…

It would be cool to see some other F1 team do well as I’m bored with F1, if it’s not Ferrari winning a championship its McLaren, at least a few years ago Renault and Williams used to give it a good go, still boring to watch though with not enough overtaking and too much focus on pit stops…yawn

There have been several ocasions in history when only one or two teams have been there or there abouts. Matters not a lot, focus on the drive and the drivers.

Branson is right to worry about the “the black hole” for money. Reportedly McClaren spent £150,000,000 last year. (Though I suspect less.)

Makes bike racing look cheap, for a better bit of entertainment. And that comes from a Grand prix fan.

(Missed from the crappy bit of “journalism” by the BBC is that Honda have been world champion constructors a couple of times. First won by John Surtees, an ex bike rider of some stature.)

I used to think that, but the more I read about him the less I really liked. For his train franchise is talked to the press saying he would pay the government to run Virgin Trains, and yet he receives billions a year in subsidies.