Honda Crossrunner vid

Honda Crossrunner (01:00) from Wyld Stallyons on Vimeo.

Info and specs here.

The crossrunner is basic a VFR800VTEC in a new body. The engine had some tinkering, but other than minor changes remains virtually unchanged.

As a concept I like it, would definitely like to test ride one, but not sure if Honda have made the engine more efficient.

It’s just a more upright VFR with less effective headlights and less efficient aerodynamics.

Sorry for the confusion, as I had read the info in the link I posted, the statement ‘what is…’ was rhetorical :wink:

This vid may explain why I can often go to start my bike and there no fuel in it. I got off and it was running fine, then later when I restartit, it it needs switching to reserve (even when in my garage)?:hehe: