Honda CBR600F 2001


I am selling my 2001 Honda CBR600F to make way for a GSXR750. This is probably something that I will regret doing as the CBR does absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever, infact it’s by far the best, most versatile machine I’ve ever owned. But a rash decision on eBay means I have commitments and I should really get rid of this otherwise it’ll fester in the back of the garage.

The bike has about 27k on the clocks
MOT until September
DB Screen
Givi Rack (& top box possibly, I have yet to confirm this though)
2 Keys
Lots of paperwork
Crash bungs
Fuel Exhaust (with removeable baffle included)
V5c available, in my name etc.

The bike is not mint but for the price, it is damn good. This is one of the 2 or 3 bikes that I’ve owned that I’ve unfortunately dropped in the car park. Coming off the nightshift, fatigue got the better of me and I dropped it onto a low metal barrier. Hence it sports a crack on the right hand side fairing. The left hand side has been touched up by a previous owner but very nicely done too. Truth be told, it could probably do with a minor service (change of fluids), fresh set of tyres (you judge that). The CCT rattles but they all do that - a replacement is about £58 from David Silver Spares.

£1150 is my asking price. I can deliver to someone being London based (in or around) this Friday afternoon/evening (10th) or Saturday morning (11th). That is the only opportunity I have as I don’t live locally in this area anymore. Idea being I’ll ride it there and then get a train to where I collect my new bike.

Pictures here;


P.S I won’t sell to any known ‘resellers’ (i.e people who buy to sell on for profit or for breakers) I’d rather this go to someone who wants a cheap way to 600’s or similar.