Honda CBR600 (Steelie)

1x Honda CBR600 (Steelie)

Ex-Sanyo motor, gas flowed head, Kent Cams (Hon14), 1mm over size pistons, total loss ignition, machine clutch, K&N air filter, Ram air box, Full Akrapovic Exhaust, Ohlins re-valued and sprung forks, Ohilns rear shock, EBC Pro-Lite discs, EBC pads, Braided Lines, Blade front mater cylinder, 5.5inch rear wheel conversion (to fit 180’s), 14000 rpm CDI, large battery conversion, Spondon Oil Cooler, Elliot Tacko.

The engine has just had a re-fresh, is not ran in and has not been raced since.

The bike come with:

1x Spare motor (1996yom)

1x Wets on wheels.

1x Inters on wheels.

1x Set of bodywork

1x Standard 5.5 inch blade rear wheel.

1x Standard Steelie rear wheel with tyre (dyno setup wheel)

1x Generator cover.

1x Pickup cover + pickup.

1x Clutch cover.

1x Set of rear sets (New)

1x Front fairing brace (New)

2x Clip on’s (Odd)

1x Front break master cylinder.

2x Front sprockets (15/16 teeth).

1x Box of assorted oil cooler seals.

1x Box of assorted engine gaskets.

1x Clutch cable.

2x Throttle cables.

3x Sets of race plugs (Ro045Q-10)

1x Race Loom (including charge system). (1 SOLD)

1x Box of assorted electrics.

1x K&N air filter.

1x Standard CDI

1x Cush drive.

1x Used clutch.

1x Box of assorted fasteners.

1x Battery.

3x Oil filters (new)

1x Set of Kent Cams (Hon 14)

1x Water Pump.

1x Crank and shells.

1x Clutch assembly.

1x Gear box.

3x Con rods including shells.

1x Set of machined pistons (standard size)

1x Big radiator.

This bike come with a full receipt history.

Has been running with Derby Phoenix M/C in the Steel frame championship and is a top five finisher.

Also to go:

1x Engine: Nicky Kennedy Tuned, HRC KC Hon 11 cams, Flowed Head, Polished Casings (inside), Total Loss Ignition, Machined Clutch Gear, Balanced Crank.

1x Engine: Nicky Kennedy Tuned, Joy/re-profiled cams, Flowed Head (the head is off and has been refreshed), Total Loss Ignition, Machined Clutch Gear, Balanced Crank.

2x Standard Wheels (Rear).

1x Engine cover (charger side). (SOLD)

1x Set of clip on’s. (SOLD)

1x Sprocket carrier.

1x Clutch cover.

2x Water pumps.

2x Top hose mountings (thermostat covers).

2x Gear boxes.

2x Clutch assemblies. (1 SOLD)

1x Pair of lower fork stations.

1x Pair of front callipers.

1x Rear brake calliper mounting bracket.

2x Fly wheel assemblies. (1 SOLD)

2x Cranks.

1x Set of front fork springs (standard).

1x Rear rising rate linkage.

1x Throttle assembly.

2x CDI units (14000)

2x Damaged repairable flowed heads (Hobb Sport and R&S Performance).

3x Standard oil coolers.

1x Rear seat unit. (SOLD)

1x Front mudguard (worn mounting holes) (SOLD)

1x Engine cover (ignition side).

1x Oil pump.

Call Mark on:07760 173671