Honda CBR125R 2010 60-Plate


As I am near completing my DAS I’m looking to upgrade and therefore must sell the little Honda!

It’s a Black and Silver Honda CBR125 2010 60-Plate. (125cc)

In stock condition there have been no changes to the bike.

Tax is due 30/09/2011

2,900 miles on the clock.

Next service due at 4,000 miles

No MOT required.

L-plates included (these can be removed if required)

Oxford lock and chain included

There are a few aesthetic marks but all minor and don’t effect the ride and very easy to replace/tidy. Mainly small scuffs. This has been taken into consideration on the price.

Bike is in perfect working order and I’ve had no issues with it. Great commuter/first bike!


If interested please PM me.

PS - Am trying to get image attachment working but not having much luck lol

make sure u pass ur course first :wink: sure u will tho:D

i doubt its tyre kickers you need to worry about … its the seat sniffers …

And remove all the various stains from the seat first :blink: :w00t:

the seat is being sold separately in the Anything Else section…