Honda CBR 600 F Sport 2001

6 months Tax & MOT
Y reg 2001
Yellow - nastro azzuro / Rossi paint job
19,000 , only done 9000 in last 3 yrs
2 keys, 4 owners. always garaged
Has been lowered so would suit the shorter rider.
Akrapovic exhaust r&g crash bungs
Spare down pipes ( small hole in the existing ones , just not got round to fitting the new ones)
Spare dark screen
Spare rear fairing ( exisiting one has a bit of paint damage )
New fork seals at last mot.

Great bike, good runner . Only selling to make room for a project bike.

Viewing available weekends and evenings.

£2950 ono

Picture’s missing. Try an upload site like

picture works for me.

£3k for a 2001 bike is a bit high I would have thought, now it’s winter I mean.

quite like that, looks proper clean and tidy, price isnt high, always room to negotiate :slight_smile:


Sorry but this is overpriced, especially as a private sale!

This is cheaper, newer, and a 1/4 of the mileage!!

I don’t like butting in during a bike sale so this is an exception

Dealers are the ones responsible for idiotic overpriced valuations, they’re expecting 3k+ for a 10 year old bike, so it’s their fault everyone else seems they can get away with valuing their bike for similar money!

Dealers are con men when it comes to 2nd hand bikes and even more so if you try and buy a 2nd hand bike on finance!

To the seller, please be realistic when valuing your bike, some info your you bike (not meant to be rude or condescending)

It’ll be harder to sell with this paint scheme as its not to everyones taste, a standard colour i’e non race livery would be easier to sell

It’s probably at least 1k over valued (my opinion)

Fit your new downpipes

Hope this helps

I agree and disagree with Nazzamataz.
Yes this bike is way overpriced for a private seller but you got to love a chancer.

No dealers aren’t (all) con men, they inflate prices to make a big profit and that is okay - why you ask? Because they have to cover the cost of warranty on used bikes, pay their staff, pay the rent, pay the business rates, pay the taxman, pay insurance, pay suppliers for parts and stock (helmets, trousers, gloves etc…) we get to look at for free and then haggle over ("in Inverness there’s a shop selling it for half that price - on ebay it’s only…). I hope my rant makes some sense.

Also, when a used bike goes wrong and you go back to a dealer under warranty, there is no magic insurance wand that covers the dealers costs for the parts and labour. They reach into their own wallets so don’t they deserve recompense through profit in sales? If a dealer does use third party cover for warranty, he/she has to pay for it on every sold unit and their is a usually an excess on every claim.

Finally, if you honestly think a bike is over priced then tell them and a reasonable dealer will strike a deal with you. £100-200 pounds off a bike is expected nowadays, £500 off isn’t unheard of and some deals boggle the mind. Taking the time and effort to build a relationship with your local dealer will benefit both parties and special favour are granted to “regulars” up and down the country on a daily basis. If you still feel that the bike is overpriced then protest by finding the same bike in the same condition for less. The most powerful message you can send a dealer is turning up on your new bike and telling them what you paid another dealer for it - they will either be gutted they lost out on the sale and try to regain your business with reduced service costs - or they won’t give two $hits and wonder why their bikes don’t sell

Nice bike btw. Has it got FSH? Valve clearances been done? So you’ve owned it for the last three years?

Interesting forum name “Bluestar”. What’s the story behind it? (Only curious because I’m Sikh and that word has a special significance to my people)

Loved my FS1 great do it all bike, massively reliable and capable in my experience. More of a fan of the red or blue and white versions though.

Without getting into an argument about valuation I paid about the same for mine from a dealer with 12k back in 2008. Know that they keep their value as insurance paid out on it for 20% more 3yrs later. I used the then current market price to argue. They do seem to be holding in the mid £2k range still, so as long as the OP is willing to deal then it’s probably fairly priced, but overpriced to attract positive attention.

Well thanks for all the “interest”
It’s actually my bike (couldn’t log in when the original post went up)

The price has been lowered to £2400 and I am open to offers.

Yes it might have been overpriced by a couple of hundred pounds but it was based on what was going at the time. And again was and still am open to offers.

Another bike is waiting for the space in the garage

Any genuine interest please get in touch.

tell that to the one i had, Clutch destroyed and engine blew! :crazy:


You can wheelie them all day and not have a issue

It bike most stunters start out on as be abused

Honda’s dont like him:Whistling:

Your right there, blown two up now… Not allowed another one! :Whistling: