HONDA CBR 125R...Paint Job?

I’m thinking of getting myself one of these beauties…but i’m really not taking a fancy to the silver/greyish colour on the body. Would it be possible to get that covered in Black, done professionally ofcourse…pls advise? Would vinyls do the trick or spray paint?

Thanks in advance…Josh

why not just get a diffrent colour? they do loads off diffrent ones in the cbr125. even more than the link search google.

Thanks for reply… :slight_smile:

I want it in black…thats the only design/colour available in black. Not looking for blue/red/white.

They made an all black one but it was an older model i think 2007.

So, would vinyls or spray paint do the job?

i thought they did all black 09 models as i no a lad with 1 and was like that from the show room.

like this 1

some others that might take ur fancie lol.

Thanks very much Dan…(sorry 4 all these questions) I went to the Honda Dealer today and for some reason they’ve got the colour like the one above. They are selling it for £2,700…isn’t that weird ? They should have the all black one right?

If you really want one in black, buy one that was originally black.If you buy another colour and spray it, you are likely to lose out when you resell the bike as potential buyers may suspect it has been crashed and resprayed.

PH - very suspicious mind!

just a thought…arnt the white and grey bits just vinyls like on most sports bikes… heat it up and peel them away then just have someone laquer it again for you :slight_smile:

a ‘beauty’?! Really?

Yes really…i love it the moment I set my eyes on her!..why?

better than a 25mph scooter:D (although the one i was following was barely doing 24 pmsl and screaming!!) every ones gotta start some were if u like it get it!:smiley: they are pretty reliable little bikes.

is this it?

its on the honda website…

This is where i’m getting confused…yes, its on the Honda website but its the full black colour? not the one you have as your avatar. I phoned the honda dealer today and askeed about the all black one, he said thats the older model the 2008 one is the same but with the silver like your avatar…so the question is why does the main honda website still show the model with all black?..bloody hell my head hurts!:hehe:

my one is an 05 model…basically…firstly i wouldnt suggest you but a brand new cbr125r ne way, its a rip off for what you’re getting!

if you want ALL black, get an 04/54 plate model, thats when they had flat colours on the cbr125’s.

If you want black with silver honda stripes like mine, get an 05/06/07 plate.

the changes from the old cbr to the new cbr125 are all cosmetic and you’re better off keeping your remaining money for a much faster bike! an old cbr125r with low miles will be around the 1500 mark.

Just get your DAS done and get a proper bike.