Honda CBR 125cc Flat Back tire

Does anyone know a cheap reliable place where I can either get the back tire repaired or replaced?
I’m completely new to biking so I have no idea where to go.

I live in the romford area so anywhere around here would be brilliant.


Len Wade m/c’s on Beacontree Ave (junction with Valance Ave) 020 8590 2761 (Simon).

Or come off the M25/A12 junction towards Gallows Corner. On the left before the lights somewhere there’s meant to be a good tyre shop? There are mobile tyre companies too!

The only place I checked out was the one you mentioned by the M25/A12 turn off into harold wood.
However they quoted me £70 but I would have to take the bike there myself, unfortunately the back tyre is completely flat so I’m not sure how I’d go about getting the bike from my house to tyre shop.

Do you know of any good reliable mobile tyre company?

Thanks for all the help by the way

I know the mechanic at Len Wades, I’ll text him now…

Is taking the wheel off and to the repair shop an option? There used to be a Universal Tyres in Hornchurch?

Universal Tyre Co Ltd
153 Billet Lane
Town Centre, Hornchurch RM11 1UT
01708 448 944

Will the tyre hold any air? Foot pump it up and limp round there?

Nah I tried pumping it today and nothing.
It wont hold any air and it seems like wheel is coming off the rims as well.

I’ve never taken a wheel off a bike, but is it easy to get off and get back on again?
One issue I’m worried about is getting them wheel back on and making sure the chain is put back on correctly.
Also what kind of tools will a need to take the back wheel off a Honda CBR 125cc

Sorry if these are stupid questions but I am literally clueless about these things.