Honda CBR 1100xx

Here’s a Deal! The first £2500 buys this bike. Only thing it has to be done, in cash before 10am tomorrow morning as that is when it will be going in Part/Ex.

£2500 is what they are giving me for it, just want to give someone the chance to buy it for silly money.

MUST STRESS, THIS HAS TO BE DONE, IN CASH (or bank transfer) BY 10AM TOMORROW. (need the 2.5k to put to new bike)

I have removed the BlueFlames and dropped the price to £3000 as that is more than I have been offered in PX. This makes this bike a real bargain. If you are interested PM me, the deal will need to be done by this weekend as I will need the cash to put to my new bike

For Sale £3000 Bargain, need to be quick as she will go in part ex the end of this week in no one wants her:)

It is a 2001 on a Y 29K miles, Black, new Angel ST rubber front and rear (160 miles ago)

I will take some pics tomorrow and post them up. If interested pm me;)Sorry can’t upload any pics as it wont let me, apparently I have exceeded my space, what ever that means.If you are interested and want to see any pics I can email some to you. Have found out why!!! I had 87 pages of photos uploaded:w00t:THE CANS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE.

What`s wrong with this one then?

We may get a Blackbird when we retire from LB.:slight_smile:

Did Gill not appreciate the contours of Honda`s flagship?

Did you experience the fateful Blackbird douche when navigating puddles?:stuck_out_tongue:

We will forever be Daytona.:smiley:

£50 for the nosecone :D:D

wrong colour steve:w00t::hehe:

The only thing wrong with it Chris is ‘It aint a BUSA’:wink:

id px the flames, and the screen, with£:D

are you not gona put the flames on the new one

If it goes PX the flames will come off and will be up for grabs, They will stay on if someone buys the bike before hand:)and yes!! the Busa will be getting Blue Flames:):cool:

nice one, im after a hug too:D

id be interested in them any way. good luck.

if i didnt have to spend my money on another car i soo would…



check out first post